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From an offshore to a nearshore tech team - finding improved project delivery and support.
Take a look inside NetProtect's strategy in building a complete nearshore team from scratch. NetProtect is a global leader in internet protection. They deliver secure, open access to files, websites, software and media solutions to consumers and businesses. Over the course of 18 months they built a team of 40 developers, designers and support specialists in two offices in Guadalajara, Mexico.
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Quickly fill open, hard-to-find, and specialized engineering positions while eliminating HR traffic jams.
Here is how Rackspace Inc., an American managed cloud computing company, reduced it's time-to-fill challenging job openings while cutting its recruiting costs by 40% without expanding its internal HR team using CodersLink’s services.
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Expanding their HR team’s reach to find and hire qualified software engineers for their remote office under budget.
PayStand, a seamless and intuitive business to business payments platform, used CodersLink to increase their talent resources and expand their tech team into Guadalajara’s remote office, cutting significant recruiting costs.
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Leveraging a team of remote developers in Mexico to develop and scale their products at a lower HR cost.
Parlevel Systems is the top-to-bottom provider of innovative vending technology tools for the food and beverage industries. Here is how the company used Staff Augmentation to grow and manage a team in Mexico.
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Using a recruiting partner to shorten the recruiting time and cost for established Mexico teams.
One Inc is a digital payment platform; they provide an easier way to process payments for premiums and claims for the insurance industry. They were looking to expand their newly established software development team in Mexico and tapped into CodersLink to find FinTech-specialized candidates to join their ranks.
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Using remote developers to scale a software product as a Startup.
Easy Expunctions is a software-fueled services company aiming to clean and expunge criminal records at a third of a lawyer’s cost. As a scaling software services startup, their cash and tech are two of the most important aspects of their company. Here is how they partner with CodersLink to enhance their recruiting efforts.
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Transforming from a freelance workforce to dedicated developers for greater control and agility.
Here we'll give you a look inside the strategy and show you how CityFlag, a next-generation government technological platform for public engagement, used CodersLink to build a fully dedicated tech team in less than six months with almost half of the investment they would've spent with other methods.
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