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Scaling companies require elite talent to grow and continue innovating. CodersLink is paving the way for innovative startups and leading Fortune 500 brands to tap into elite Latinamerican engineering talent.

Our client-centricity, IT recruiting expertise, and remote tech team abilities adapt to the changing needs of our partners.


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Irys | Transforming from a freelance workforce to dedicated developers for greater control and agility

Irys transformed from freelancers and development agencies to a completely dedicated team of senior and intermediate software developers in six months.

Easy Expunctions | Using remote developers to scale a software product as a Startup.

Easy Expunctions use remote developers on-demand that work under their Inhouse developers to scale their software product.

OneInc | Using a recruiting partner to shorten the recruiting time and cost for established Mexico teams.

One Inc found FinTech developers experts to upgrade their services through a recruiting agency to shorten the recruiting time and cost

Parlevel | Leveraging a team of remote developers in Mexico to develop and scale their products at a lower HR cost.

Staffing agency augmented Parlevel's team via remote developers and provided payroll and benefits management through a flexible staff augmentation strategy.

PayStand | Expanding their HR team’s reach to find and hire qualified software engineers for their remote office under budget

PayStand needed to outsource its recruitment process to a strategic partner to fill open engineering positions in California, and Mexico under budget.

Rackspace | Hiring engineers in Mexico without creating a localized HR Team

Rackspace reduced its time hire specialized engineers while cutting its recruiting costs by 40% without expanding its internal HR team.

NetProtect | From an offshore to a nearshore tech team - finding improved project delivery and support.

How NetProtect transitioned from an Asia office to a nearshore office in Mexico with boosted productivity and same outsourced rates

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The most critical part in hiring a candidate through a staff augmentation company is communication, which CodersLink has nailed. We spent time working through our requirements and once we were all clear on needs, the process was smooth sailing.



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