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NetProtect | From an offshore to a nearshore tech team – finding improved project delivery and support.


netprotect case study


NetProtect had been working with offshore offices in Asia and had experienced time-zone issues affecting their project delivery. They wanted to transition into an outsourced team close to their US headquarters, a team that they could scale in a predictable way to service their applications and customer support.


Their partnership with CodersLink consisted in helping them land in Mexico – find office spaces, creating team policies and procedures, finding talent, managing payroll and benefits, and implementing performance checks – and help them expand, while maintaining the same offshore rates.


NetProtect used a hybrid approach to build its nearshore teams. They started with staff augmentation with payroll and benefits management and later on moved to internally hiring them. They started with a team of six Full Stack Engineers and Tech Support specialists and have now scaled to three full teams with these additional roles: UX/UI Designers, Mobile Developers, and QA Engineers.

Their team in Mexico reports directly to their US HQ and the NetProtect management team frequently visits the team for specific project or executive meetings. Through their nearshore teams, they have been able to continue supporting their explosive growth and market share expansion.


NetProtect was able to build three fully dedicated remote tech teams within 18 months.

Shortened the learning curve on building and managing nearshore teams

  • CodersLink provided NetProtect with standardized salaries for positions, job descriptions, and benefits offerings. It also included best practices and structural recommendations to deploy and manage tech teams.

Same-time zone communication and proximity to the US

  • Improved communication with US counterparts increased product release velocity and real-time collaboration for faster development.

Same HR cost as their offshore rates and 40% lower than US rates

  • Transitioned from an Asia offshore team at similar rates without sacrificing quality and staying budget conscious while still hiring senior and intermediate talent.

Collaborating to grow a development team 10 times over, CodersLink has become a committed business partner. Internal stakeholders praise them for their ability to adapt to and align with changing business needs

testimonial by Clayton from Netprotect
Clayton Long VP of Business Operations

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