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OneRail | Successfully building up a team with a customized staff augmentation solution



To support their cutting-edge application and software development, One Rail sought to recruit specialist positions. They needed a highly skilled back end developer right away to help their current development team. They then anticipated employing more developers as their project requirements changed. They needed to make sure that the technical specialist they selected had both the necessary technical and soft abilities. Priorities included minimal staffing expenses and time zone synchronization.


CodersLink acted fast to identify qualified applicants from its tech talent pool and verified network as soon as they grasped the company’s requirements and timeframe. A back end developer with the necessary technical and interpersonal abilities was hired by One Rail.


Because One Rail had no legal entity in Mexico, they were interested in building up their team incrementally by hiring remote developers. The best strategy for them was a customized staff augmentation that adapted to their needs. 


One Rail hired and filled their tech team annual hiring plans within a few months. They hired back end developers through CodersLink, all of which continue to work with them today. 

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  • One Rail’s needs were quite specialized. They needed developers that were experienced, could work quickly, and would integrate seamlessly into their process and company culture. CodersLink’s recruitment specialists were able to deliver quality candidates that fit the description.
  • Thanks to CodersLink recruiting expertise and knowledge of the tech talent pool, One Rail sourced from qualified devs. 
  • One Rail brought on several experienced developers at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Their team saved on initial hiring costs and avoided the time-consuming process of reviewing endless CV’s and resumes. 
  • One Rail hired several developers that integrated well with their team, avoiding mis-hires and unnecessary turnovers. All of their initial hires remain with the team today and have contributed to the company’s success.   

"At the moment we have a lot of candidates going through the internal process. We will end up with several placements."

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Talent Acquisition Director Americas OneRail

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