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The Basics

What is a Back End Developer?

A back end developer or engineer designs and builds the infrastructure that processes data and performs action on a web application. At their core, back end developers manage the data layer of applications which ensures seamless processing of the applications functions. They are responsible for maintaining core databases, testing and debugging back end processes, and managing application program interfaces (APIs). 

When a person clicks on a button on a website or app, that action sets off a process—whether it’s opening up a fillable form or taking you to another webpage. A back end developer ensures that the process works properly and takes you to the right place. 

Back End Developer Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of back end developers  vary depending on the kind of project at hand. In general, these expert coders design software functionality, access and store information that connects servers, databases, and applications together. Their day-to-day work is on the data-level of applications that ensures a seamless operation on the other end. 

A back end developer is a highly technical and analytical person that is detail-oriented  and works closely with front end developers to ensure coherence and proper communication between all aspects of the software. 

The responsibilities will vary depending on the tech roadmap and the short-term and long-term objectives of the company and its goals. 

Back end developer day-to-day job duties may include: 

  • Working closely with product management and UX design teams to define and test feature specifications 
  • Work out elegant and useful solutions to solve complex problems or bugs 
  • Integrate user-facing element with server-side logic
  • Work with front end developers to develop, troubleshoot, and enhance performance and design 
  • Design and implement data storage solutions
  • Build high-quality reusable code and libraries for future use 
  • Perform QA (Quality Assurance) Testing 

Hire Backend Engineers

Top Latin American Backend Developers.

Top Latin American Backend Developers.

Hire Backend Engineers

Top Latin American Backend Developers.

Top Latin American Backend Developers.



Zapopan, México






Celaya, México



Morelia, México

Backend Developers make up 13% of our tech community

Back End Development Technologies

In order to build the backbone of a website or app, back end developers need to be well-versed in various leading technologies. These tech professionals need proficiency across a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, databases and servers, and Application Program Interfaces (API).  

Today, common back end developer languages and frameworks include: 

  • Python: This popular language is an important tool in the back end developers tool box, as it is ubiquitous, cutting-edge, and utilitarian. It’s a useful language when building basic applications and more complex AI and ML-based web development. 
  • Java: A necessary part of the repertoire, Java is the popular object-oriented and widely used language. Because of its versatility it has become one of the most preferred languages. 
  • PHP: A fast, simple, and flexible language, PHP is also a common requirement. As a server-side scripting language, PHP allows developers to create and interact with databases much more easily. 
  • SQL: As a common back end language, SQL is an important skill to have—used to interact with databases in different capacities. 
  • Git, GitLab : A functional skill to have for code version control for storing and accessing code repositories. 
  • .Net: This language is necessary for those specializing in Microsoft’s software framework and building web applications with C#. It can be used for desktop apps, mobile apps, games, web apps, and more. 
  • Ruby: Adding Ruby to the mix adds a valuable asset.  This back end framework is efficient and easily scalable.

Leading Technologies used by Backend Developers


This is a very smooth and classy language with elegant syntax and quite the must-have when it comes to a back-end developer's tool bag. It is an open-source programming language that emphasizes productivity and simplicity.


This is a general-purpose programming language but is quite a ubiquitous, cutting-edge, and utilitarian language. This language is useful when building basic applications like desktop apps, Oss, Business Apps, and web frameworks, as well as AI and ML-based web development.


As an open-source backend scripting language, it is used by developers to build web apps and sites. This is a relatively backend well-known language due to the fact that it can be quite easy to learn and is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.


An object-oriented, concurrent, strongly typed language. Because of Java’s strength, power, and convenience, it has gained quite the popularity among developers and has become one of the most preferred languages.


Use .NET to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT. of apps with .NET. Some are cross-platform, and some target a specific OS or .NET implementation.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Database management systems to access, manipulate, interpret, and represent data.

Apache, NGINX

Store, process, and deliver web pages to users. These are web server software environments used to create, configure, and modify web servers.

SVN, Git, GitLab

Code version control for storing and accessing code repositories.

Back End Developer Salary

Because of their technical knowledge, back end developers are currently in high demand. They are a valuable asset to any software development team, as they ensure quality back end design and stability. 

Back end developers and Engineers will play a crucial role in the success of any web application. Not only are they in charge of the logical structure and architecture of a lot of your web applications functions, but they need to coordinate with Front End Developers to ensure a seamless cohesion between the front end and the back end. 

A back end developer salary will vary considerably with level of experience, specialization, and industry. In Mexico, seniority is measured a little differently than in the United States. A senior developer is known to have 11-15 years of experience. In the U.S., a senior developer can be someone with 6 or more years of experience. 

According to our Mexico Tech Salary Report 2023, the average back end developer salary in the U.S. hovers around $8,807 per month. That is about a 65% difference from a senior back end developer salary in Mexico, which averages out to $4,475 USD per month. 

Cost Comparison

Latin America vs USA


$5,800 USD

Back End Developer Salary


$10,500 USD

Back End Developer Salary


CodersLink Internal Catalog, Glassdoor Senior Back End Developer Salaries

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