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    General questions about CodersLink.

  • What happens if the developer is not up to my work standards? What are my options?

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      1. We’re never happy when this happens, but we understand that sometimes things don't pan out the way they are planned. If you feel that your developer is not performing the way he should, we ask that you provide a 30 day notice to CodersLink as well as to notify the developer.

      2. Feedback is super important for us, so if you could let us know why the developer did not work we will make sure to notify him and use that to enhance our own service.

      3. After the fact we can gladly help you find a replacement during that time so you can make a seamless hand-off and continue working on the technologies of tomorrow!

  • What are the benefits for hired developers?

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      1. We provide them with:

        1. Medical Insurance Stipend

        2. Quarterly Bonus Based On Performance

        3. Paid Vacations

        4. Programming Certifications and Courses Stipend

        5. Discounts on Software Tools

  • What about vacations for developers? Are they paid? Who pays for those?

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    • Developers get a week’s worth of vacations and CodersLink pays for them. We do ask for developers to provide with a month’s worth of notice when traveling and going on vacation.

  • Parting ways with hired employees

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    • We get it, there are times that it's best to part ways with your employees. It is unfortunate and we're not happy when it happens, but we understand. 

      So what happens at that point in time, when you've already made that decision? This is how you should proceed:

      1. Talk to your dedicated Account Executive or Submit a Support Ticket (we'll make sure they receive it)
      2. Tell them about your intention to let your current hired developer go, before you let your developer know
      3. They will guide you on the paperwork and off-boarding process, it's pretty simple 
      4. Your dedicated Account Executive will let the candidate know and notify them about the process. 

      We do have a 30-day cancelation policy, this is the best interest of both parties to arrange a smooth transition. However, if you feel you need to terminate immediately, be sure to mention it to your Account Executive. 

  • How different is CodersLink from Toptal?

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    • CodersLink helps companies build long-term remote tech teams in Latin America. Toptal’s main focus is in providing temporary staffing solutions to companies with talent from across the globe. 

      Their price ranges for dedicated teams and enterprise services are prohibitive for small and medium businesses and are tailored for companies with large scale budgets.

      Overall, CodersLink differentiates from any competitor through our niche focus in Latin American talent, different hiring solutions, and our white glove service before, during and after the recruiting process. 

      Our process has allowed companies to expand to Latin America or create teams from scratch with little-to-no knowledge of the region in less than 90 days. This at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions like Toptal.

  • Is this a freelance job portal?

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    • No, CodersLink focuses on helping companies build long term relationships with their hired engineers and developers. 

      Our service goes beyond being a simple marketplace for talent, we carefully assess the requirements our partner companies have to find the best talent possible, within our own talent base or within the broader LATAM talent pool. 

  • How do companies get started with CodersLink?

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    • To get started, have a conversation with us about your development needs, future growth plans and concerns. We’ll walk you through our whole process and answer any questions you may have along the way. 

      Our objective is to see how we can be the best resource for you, so if we can’t help you we’ll point you in the right direction for you to continue finding a solution to your needs. 

      The rest of the process is quite simple:

      Step 1
      Schedule a Call 

      Step 2
      Sign our contracts and pay the set-up fee.

      Step 3
      Share specific job requirements and profile needs with our Team. 

      Step 4
      Receive three batches with 2-3 developer’s profiles each.

      Step 5 
      Review best-fit candidates and schedule interviews.

      Step 6
      Start working with dedicated engineers.

  • How long does it take to hire?

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    • We average 45 days across all of our partners. Realistically the fastest you could hire is a month. 

      However, hiring velocity really depends on how complex your recruiting process is, as longer interview processes require more schedule coordination. 

      We’ve seen interview processes with three interviews that take two weeks and others with six, two tests and an in-person technical interview that take upwards of two months. 

  • What types of engagements does CodersLink have?

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    • 12 month minimum contract across the board for our staffing and BOT services. Our recruitment service is pay-as-you-go.

    Pricing and Payment

    Details on payments, contracts and free trials

  • Are there any upfront costs?

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    • There’s a setup fee of $500 USD per job position opened. This setup fee is credited towards your hire, when made.

  • Is there a free trial?

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    • Only for our staffing service we provide our risk-free trial, which allows our clients to engage with our candidates for a single week working part-time to evaluate them.

      For our recruitment service we offer a free replacement warranty of 90 days.

  • How often do I pay?

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    • They range between biweekly payments and monthly payments depending on the service you’re interested in. Talk to our account manager about the full details and net payment terms, as well as our autopay discount program. 

      Your payments options are:
      1. Credit Card (incurs in a merchant fee)
      2. ACH payment (you can set this up when onboarding)

  • Who do I sign a contract with and pay?

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    • The signed contract and payment is made through CodersLink, LCC a US-based company.

    Testing and Screening

    Information around the testing and screening process on CodersLink

  • Can I interview them?

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    • Of course! You have full control of who you hire and how many interviews you administer. 

      That's one of our great differentiators at CodersLink, because we know how crucial it is to hire the right candidate.

      We only hire candidates whom you’ve interviewed and you’ve chosen to belong to your team.

  • How do I ensure they have the right level of english?

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    • We have an internal pre-vetting process where we have an english interview, a behavioral interview, reference checks and a personality test.

  • How do you know they have the right skills and experience for my positions?

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    • For each position our partners open we create a special behavioral and technical screening process to adapt to their needs. We’re also able to administer technical assessments and take home tests they provide us. 

      We also request proof of their knowledge and skills and we corroborate with their references the work experience they have had in the past.

  • What screening process does CodersLink have to vet engineers in its network?

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    • Our recruiting team has more than 10+ years of tech recruiting experience in Latin America. 

      We go way beyond the superficial details of any candidate that comes through our process. Our internal pre-vetting process includes technical screening, english interview, behavioral interview, reference checks and personality test. 

    Engineering Management

    Day-to-day management of remote engineers hired through CodersLink.

  • Will developers be working for me or CodersLink?

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    • The short of it is, in all of our services the developers work directly to meet your needs and goals. They are part of your daily standups, Slack Channel, Taco Tuesday, you name it. We do not project manage engineers hired by you. 

      However, for our staffing and BOT services, we do get involved in their payroll, HR and benefits management.

  • How does CodersLink mitigate the risks of working with remote developers?

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    • CodersLink has been scouting developer talent in Mexico for more than 7 years. There is a lot less risk when using an experienced hiring partner in Latin America like us.

      Our superior vetting and matching process helps you hire faster while reducing the risk of mis-hiring.

      Plus, you are in full control of the candidates you are hiring, so that you can measure not only their technical skills, but also their alignment with your company’s culture.

  • What happens if I don’t like the developer?

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    • We’re never happy when this happens, but we understand that sometimes things don't pan out the way they are planned. If you feel that your developer is not performing the way he should, we ask that you provide a 30-day notice to CodersLink as well as to notify the developer. 

  • What benefits do you offer to developers?

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    • We offer benefits above the market norm. As a partner company you can decide to customize and enhance these to improve the experience you want to provide your remote engineers. 

      Here are some of the benefits we provide by default:
      1. Medical Insurance
      2. Quarterly Bonus Based on Performance
      3. Paid Vacations
      4. Programming Certifications and Courses
      5. Discounts on Software Tools
      6. Wellness Program


    About the tech talent available in the CodersLink talent pool.

  • Where are developers located?

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    • Our growing talent base of over 20,000 developers is located across all corners of Latin America with a large presence in Mexico. 

  • What type of talent is available with CodersLink?

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    • Our talent pool includes elite engineers and developers from all roles in the tech industry. We like to say we have talent available for the whole software development lifecycle. 

      Our tech talent profiles range from CXOs to experts in more than 30 different capacities and functions.

      Here is a short list of the top hired roles with CodersLink:

      1. Full Stack Developer
      2. Back End Developer
      3. Front End Developer
      4. Mobile Developer
      5. Web Developer
      6. UX / UI Designer
      7. Project Manager
      8. Data Scientist
      9. System Administrator
      10. QA Test Automation Engineer
      11. DevOps Engineer
      12. Tech Support Specialist

    Hiring in Latin America

    Information about the Latin American tech talent region.

  • Why hire Latin American talent?

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    • Latin America is the next top place for hiring remote engineering talent, outsourcing or building nearshore teams for both US, CA and even European companies.

      The region boasts a young, vibrant, and expanding tech workforce at a close proximity to North America. Living costs in Latin America also open a window to lower hiring costs for employing companies, while still remaining competitive with big tech firms in the area. 

      The talent found in the region is highly qualified and driven. Big government investments made back in the 2010’s into STEM programs have started to provide dividends in terms of available tech talent.

      Here are some defining reasons that companies would turn to the tech talent in Latin America over Asia or Eastern Europe:
      1. Similar Time Zones
      2. Growing and Specialized Talent Pool
      3. Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Laws
      4. Tech Infrastructure
      5. Ease of Communication
      6. Cultural affinity

  • Are you fully compliant with labor laws and regulations?

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    • Yes, and we do it so that you do not have to deal with the hundreds of regulations that a company must follow to comply with the labor laws established by federal and state labor agencies.

    Intellectual Property

    How CodersLink helps its partners protect their IP.

  • Who owns the legal rights to the work created by a CodersLink engineer?

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    • You are. The safeguarding of intellectual property is a big concern across the tech world. Our hiring model ensures that no third party has access to your intellectual property and you have the full right over whatever you develop with your remote tech team hired through CodersLink.

  • How do we ensure that our IP is protected?

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    • One of the best ways to mitigate the risk of IP theft is by carefully crafting contracts from day one. Even if you are hiring a developer on a per project basis, a carefully-constructed contract can help you avoid potential conflicts and IP breaches.

      We review our contract multiple times every year to ensure we’re up to date with the most relevant IP regulations and to ensure that our partner companies are protected.

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