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Mobile devices and applications are used everyday by millions of people. It’s why mobile app developers are in high demand. For companies looking to hire a mobile app developer, understanding the skills and specializations needed makes the hiring process more efficient.

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The Basics

What is a Mobile App Developer?

Mobile app developers are tech professionals who develop, design, test, and create functional mobile applications for various platforms—most notably iOS and Android. They are highly technical but most also possess an array of soft skills that will help them work as part of a bigger software development team or take direction from clients or project managers.

Mobile App Developer Responsibilities

Like back end and front end developers, mobile developers are highly analytical, creative, and possess high-level problem-solving capacities. 

On a typical day, mobile app developers will: 

  • Design mobile applications 
  • Code, test, debug, and monitor the function of existing applications
  • Develop application programming interfaces (APIs) that support functionality 
  • Enhance and recommend changes and enhancements to existing software applications 
  • Work with designers to ensure optimal app performance 
  • Work with front end and back end technologies to ensure coherence and functionality between the two
  • Consult with customers or product managers on development 

Mobile app developer skills:

  • Analytical ability 
  • Adaptability 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Creativity 
  • Team work 

Mobile App Developers make up 7% of our Tech Community

Leading Technologies used by Mobile Developers

Mobile app developers are proficient with a variety of languages and platforms that include Java, Java ME, JavaScript, JSON, Objective-C, .NET and HTML.

Some of the most widely used technologies used by mobile app developers:

Objective-C and Swift

Apps can be built for iOS devices either by using the native iOS SDK with Objective-C and Swift or with the various cross-platform technologies that are written against the SDK of that framework, but targeted for iOS.

Java and Kotlin

For building Android apps, developers need the Android development toolkit that comes with the required SDK, debuggers, and emulators. Thus far, Java is the most widely used language for Android app development. And yet, Kotlin has become the preferred language for Android development, as per Google.

HTML5 and Apache Cordova

With Apache Cordova mobile developers can run HTML and JavaScript (JS) code in a captive browser instance called the Webview. The HTML code is packaged along with the app itself and installed on the mobile device.This opens up the possibility for using a wide variety of web UI frameworks like Jquery, React JS, Bootstrap, Angular JS, or Vue.

C# and Xamarin

C# is an Object-Oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft and the Xamarin framework (acquired by Microsoft) allows you to program in C# against the .NET framework. The C# code is cross-compiled and runs natively on the iOS or Android device.

JavaScript and React Native

React Native uses JavaScript as a programming language for writing mobile apps. There is no HTML used in writing React Native apps. React Native has become very popular because the learning curve for JavaScript is very low.

Dart and Flutter

Dart is an Object-Oriented programming language. Mobile Developers use Google’s Flutter framework to write mobile apps for iOS. One of the unique capabilities of Flutter is that Flutter comes with its own UI widget framework library that is based on Google Material design as well as iOS-like UI widgets.

Cost Comparison

Mobile App Developer Salary


$5067 USD

Senior Mobile Developer Salary


$8436 USD

Intermediate Mobile Developer Salary


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