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Outdated salary data is holding back your hiring strategy?

Unlock the Future of Tech Talent Compensation with CodersLink’s Tech Salaries Report 2024

Attract and retain top tech talent in Mexico with the most comprehensive and insightful Tech Salaries Report available. This isn't just another generic report – CodersLink dives deep into the unique dynamics of the Mexican tech market, providing unparalleled data and insights you won't find anywhere else. Don't miss out!

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Here's what you'll discover:

Competitive Salary Benchmarks:

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest salary trends across diverse tech roles and experience levels.

Top Benefits Tech Talent Crave:

Design unbeatable benefits packages that cater to financial security, work-life balance, and professional growth.

Future-Proof Hiring Strategies:

Uncover the most in-demand skills and identify potential talent gaps before they arise.

Unlocking Mexico's Tech Talent Pool:

Leverage insights into the rising tech hubs and the evolving remote work landscape.

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Quick Insights:

Over 700,000 tech professionals in the pool

Salaries exceeding 65% cost savings vs. the US

Hybrid work on the rise 35.14%

English Intermediate level is the sweet spot for salaries

Niche expertise pays well, less common languages offer higher salaries

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What past readers think about our Tech Salaries Report

Nationwide Coverage:

Data from all 32 states in Mexico for a comprehensive geographic view.

Wide Range of Roles:

We analyzed 49 unique professional roles, from Full Stack Developers to Technical Support Specialists, and CXOs.

Diverse Career Stages:

The survey included 19 hierarchical levels, capturing Developers, Project Managers, and various other positions.

In-Demand Technical Skills:

We analyzed a vast array of technical skills, including 74 programming languages, 165 frameworks, 40 cloud platforms, and more.

Experience & Education:

The average participant has 6.3 years of experience and is 35.09 years old. We captured a diverse range of education levels and degrees.

Inclusive Representation:

The survey reflects the tech industry's inclusivity with data from 8 gender identities.

Company Landscape:

Participants work in companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, and both national and foreign companies are represented.

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What past readers think about our Tech Salaries Report

The Tech Salaries Report was an invaluable resource for me when it came to budgeting for my tech team. The data helped me ensure I was offering competitive salaries and attracting top talent.


Head of Talent Acquisition

The Tech Salaries Report was instrumental in helping us make informed hiring decisions for our growing tech team in Mexico. The data provided valuable insights into competitive salaries for various tech roles, allowing us to attract top talent without overspending.


Engineering Manager, Mexico City Office

The Salaries Report was a game-changer. The report provided us with crucial data on salary benchmarks, talent availability, and emerging tech trends. This information helped us build a cost-effective strategy for building our nearshore team and identifying the right skillsets for our specific needs.


Director of Nearshore Operations

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Gain a competitive edge with the 2024 Mexico Tech Salaries Report. Essential for those keen to attract and retain top tech talent with the latest salary trends. Download now to lead in tech talent acquisition.