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Pinterest | Building a Mexico engineering team in 12 months


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Pinterest wanted a “boots-on-the-ground” partner in Mexico to support them with their engineering team expansion. They were looking to build a complete team within a 12 month window to support their Mobile, QA and Software Engineering teams.


Through the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution, CodersLink was able to support them in their expansion strategy by assigning a dedicated team of recruiters to work full-time under the management of the Pinterest team for the duration of the project.

Their team in Mexico reports directly to their US HQ. Through their nearshore teams, they have been able to continue supporting their explosive growth and market share expansion.


Team of 44 senior engineers within 12 months.

  • Pinterest immediately tapped into a large pool of engineers in Mexico to fill their requirements. CodersLink led the whole expansion of their team for multiple teams – Mobile, QA, and Software Engineering.

Savings of $360,000 in recruiting fees 

  • Through our RPO solution, that provides a dedicated recruiter and lower success fees, the team at Pinterest was able to lower their talent acquisition costs. This is without considering the reduction in overall time saved by deploying an expert team of recruiters with in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Quick deployment of dedicated recruiting team

  • Within two months of initial contact, Pinterest had a team of dedicated recruiters fully embedded into their internal recruiting processes. They were onboarded on the Pinterest way of work, their systems and requirements.

Brand positioning in tech communities

  • CodersLink built customized brand awareness and positioning campaigns to support their expansion into the region and boost the organic applications to their open positions. Pinterest participated in three events with tech communities that resulted in hires.


CodersLink has been a key part of our engineering team expansion in Mexico helping us recruit more than 20 engineers within months.

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