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Senior Azure CloudOps Engineer

$70,000 MXN/mes brutos

*Salario especifico depende del proceso de selección

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7-9 años de experiencia

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7-9 años de experiencia

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We are looking for a Senior Azure CloudOps Engineer, that will be tasked with understanding, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure solutions to support the organization applications and services.

Some of the main responsibilities are to:

  • Comprehend and operate within a deployed SaaS environment, grasping custom- built services, application data flow, and system requirements. 
  • Automate the provisioning of cloud resources using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools such as Azure Resource Manager, Azure Runbooks, or Terraform. 
  • Configure and manage cloud services, including virtual machines, serverless functions, databases, storage, networking, and monitoring/alerting systems. 
  • Develop and maintain scripts and automation tools using languages like PowerShell to streamline cloud operations. 
  • Collaborate with development and Cloud Operations teams to ensure the smooth deployment and integration of applications in the cloud environment. 
  • Monitor and optimize cloud resource utilization and performance. 
  • Implement and uphold cloud security best practices, including access controls, data encryption, and adherence to industry standards and regulations. 
  • Troubleshoot and resolve cloud infrastructure issues, utilizing log analytics data, and working in close coordination with relevant


  • Only candidates with extensive hands-on experience across the full spectrum of Microsoft Azure components will be considered for this position. 
  • In-depth knowledge of maintaining and securing highly available cloud infrastructure solutions, using Microsoft Azure services, is essential. 
  • Proficient in containerization and orchestration, including Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Windows Server administration, Active Directory, Identity Management, Microsoft IIS, and PowerShell scripting is mandatory. 
  • A solid understanding of cryptographic technologies (TLS, IPsec, TDE) and familiarity with enterprise EDR/VMDR systems are required. 
  • Practical knowledge of network administration (TCP/IP, DNS, VLAN, NSG, WAF, L4/L7 load balancing, S2S/P2S VPN, etc.) is necessary. 
  • Experience in managing multi-tenant SaaS applications is highly desirable. 
  • Knowledge of penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and SIEM/CM systems is strongly preferred. 
  • An understanding of SDLC, CI/CD, Azure DevOps, and release management is advantageous. 
  • Relevant Microsoft certifications are beneficial but not mandatory.


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