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Full Stack Developer

$30,000 MXN/mes brutos

*Salario especifico depende del proceso de selección

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2-3 años de experiencia

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CDMX, México

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2-3 años de experiencia

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CDMX, México


We are seeking resourceful Full Stack Developer capable of navigating into a large codebase, to integrate the development team for a large web application.

Each person will be partially responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the web application.

The profile should be capable of autonomously searching for and solving problems, while collaborating effectively with the team.


  • Experience with Nuxt 2 / Vue 2 and Symfony 5.
  • Ability to navigate and contribute to a large and partially complex codebase (+ 500 000 lines).
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Proficiency in MySQL, familiarity with using an ORM
  • Knowledge of developing and working with REST API
  • Use of Docker
  • Knowledge of Git good practices.
  • Effective collaboration and communication skills (in English) within a team environment
  • Diligent, rigorous
  • For the lead developer profile, knowledge in terms of code review and code quality is required.


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