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DataBase Admin

$70,000 MXN/mes brutos

*Salario especifico depende del proceso de selección

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4-6 años de experiencia

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CDMX, México

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4-6 años de experiencia

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CDMX, México


We are looking for a DataBase Admin for one of the leaders in the E-Commerce Industry.

Some of the main responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure availability and performance of the databases that support online services and business operations (e.g. system monitoring, performance tuning, routine maintenance tasks, etc.)
  • Perform capacity planning to properly identify required hardware, software, database configuration/architect necessary to support application needs.
  • Enforce best practices for improving performance, scalability and operational manageability of production databases.
  • Create and perform database and system maintenance policy and procedures.
  • Perform and document disaster recovery functions.
  • Work with development team to coordinate new data development ensuring consistency and integration.
  • Work with Database Analyst to optimize all database objects, stored procedures, tables, views, triggers, indexes, user-defined functions and SSIS packages.
  • Knowledge of Policy Management, Resource Governor and dynamic management views
  • Part of on-call rotation to respond to and resolve database issues to ensure production applications are online


  • At least 5 years' hands-on experience supporting multi-tenant database systems in a high-availability and high-volume environment.
  • Experience supporting PostgreSQL systems in cloud or data center environments.
  • Experience with YellowBrick +++ l DataBrick or similar big data platforms
  • Experience with SnowFlake +
  • Experience with BigQuery +
  • Detailed understanding of PostgreSQL architecture and internals.
  • At least 3 years’ experience working in a DevOps/SRE environment.
  • Experience with cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, or GCP, especially working with virtual machines in AWS or GCP.
  • Experience with cloud-native database systems such as AWS RDS, GCP CloudSQL, etc.
  • Experience and strong understanding of database structures, data modeling, database schema design, database administration, best-practices.
  • Experience supporting, monitoring, and configuring Linux environments for database systems.
  • Experience with Infrastructure-as-Code systems, preferably Terraform.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, or DynamoDB.
  • Hands on experience with MySQL Server
  • Experience designing and maintaining systems for HIPAA, HITRUST, or other Cybersecurity Framework


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