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The Most Commonly Outsourced Tech Jobs by Startup Companies

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    November 30, 2018    |      4 min read


outsourced roles in startup companies

In today’s changing workforce, creativity and technical knowledge are the two most powerful agents for progress and innovation. Especially in the tech world, companies have seen just how beneficial and cost-effective remote work can be. It not only allows for a lower production cost (no need for an office or headquarters) but it maximizes potential and productivity in a generation largely accustomed to independent and self-paced work.

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The Startup Revolution

The word ‘startup’ is often used interchangeably to describe a new up-and-coming company. While the word is used readily, it tends to refer to companies that are not only in the beginning stages of development but companies that have  undertaken the creation of a new product or service. This is usually based on a particular market demand or a niche that has a potential to be capitalized. There are no clear numbers as to the number of startups each year, but it is safe to say that the entrepreneurial spirit is on the rise with technology and a stable economy.

Who are today’s startups?

Startup companies look toward the future; they have a desire to grow and grow big.  They have an idea, some product market fit, and some funding. Typically they think big and tend to use technology to aid them in their rapid ascension. They want to get things rolling so they can get to the next round quickly, as the competition is likely to be fierce. At the same time a startup company is one focused on filling a void or solving a problem in today’s market.

Typical Outsourced Roles for Startups

When it comes to startup companies involved in the technology sector, we have found that they typically demand certain skill sets. When you would want to outsource this first is depending on your needs and below are some of the typical jobs outsourced.

  • Back End developers: While a startup needs a good-looking and well-designed website or program, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that ensures a functional and efficient product. This is where the Back End Developers come in. A website functions largely thanks to the supporting infrastructure made up of a server, application logic, and a database. Outsource this first when you need to set up the foundation before moving on.
  • Front End developers: As small companies grow, they need Front End Developers to construct both the user experience and the interface that customers interact with on the front end of a website or program.  This usually involves three main languages including HTML, Java Script, and CSS. Outsource this when you want to focus more on what the customer will see and encounter with your site.
  • Full Stack Developers: These types of developers are a little more versatile in crossing between the front end and back end of a site. They handle both sides of development.
  • Mobile Developers: Today’s world runs on mobile and mobile developers are software developers that specialize in mobile technology, like creating experiences for iPhone and Android devices. Outsource this first when you want to focus on mobile or if your program/site depends on mobile technology.
  • QA Testers: Quality Assurance testers are necessary in making sure that a product or service is functioning how it is supposed to and it will not cause problems or complications down the road. Outsource this once you have your systems set up and need to ensure the quality and function.
  • UX/UI Developers: Companies looking to develop a product or service have a high need initially for developers that focus on user experience and user interface. Outsource this first when you are first starting out

Think Big and Take Your Startup To the Next Level

Today’s rapidly changing technologies are constantly creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and creative people to fill a gap and create something that is necessary and useful. Some of the biggest companies today began in the realm of the startup. Take AirBnB, Instagram, LinkedIn. All of these began with an idea and flourished through trial and error, smart hiring and development, and are now leaders in their industry.

If you are starting or running a startup and wondering how to grow it without increasing your costs too much, outsourcing some key roles might be a good way to move to the next level. Here at CodersLink, we have connected a number of successful startups with highly specialized and competent developers in Mexico eager to work on a creative project and show off their hard earned skills and knowledge.

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