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Commonly Outsourced Tech Roles by Large Enterprises

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    May 8, 2019    |      3 min read


popular outsourced roles in large companies

When it comes to software companies, the word enterprise typically refers to companies that house more than about 250 employees. There are many up-and-coming enterprises in the United States involved in the technology sector. These companies have very specific needs for tech services and are always looking to hire specialized help that ensures quality and efficiency in their products, applications, and software.

Outsourcing some of these tech roles means your company has access to a talented pool of applicants with the specialization you are looking for. Companies are finding outsourcing to be a strategic advantage, one that allows for specialized hiring and flexibility.

With thousands of qualified developers across the world, however, how does a company zero down on one?  It’s not always easy to find the right person in the same vicinity. Having a way to vet applicants before they enter your workforce and understand their strengths, specializations, skills, and experience can be greatly beneficial. In a recent post, we looked at tech roles frequently outsourced by start up companies, and we thought we’d look at similar data to see how bigger companies are filling their tech demands through outsourcing.

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Commonly Outsourced Roles

These are the commonly outsourced jobs for larger enterprises and the order in which they tend to be filled.


  • Full-Stack Developers: Due to the larger operation of an enterprise, outsourcing a full-stack Developer is a good choice when you are looking for a versatile developer than can operate between the back-end and the front-end of a site.


  • Network Admins: When dealing with bigger operations, a company will likely be using multiple computers or software and need somebody to oversee that the network operates properly. If you’re company has grown and is using multiple software programs that need to be coordinated and overseen, you’ll want to outsource this role.


  • QA Testers:  No matter what business your in, quality always comes first. Once you have a system set up and your software’s front-end and back-end are looking and working properly, you’ll want to outsource a quality assurance tester to ensure your existing infrastructure and programs are running smoothly.


  • DevOps: You might be in need of a DevOps engineer when you need to encompass or implement the full use of cloud infrastructure into your software programs and operations. This particular role draws from a variety of IT backgrounds and requires a person that is experienced and versatile in cloud technologies and other development experience.


Consider Outsourcing From A Trusted Hiring Partner


Growing companies are starting to see the benefits of outsourcing tech roles through trusted and specialized hiring partners. This approach allows enterprises to seek the specialized and highly-trained tech workforce they need. Companies like CodersLink, focus on finding the right applicant to fill these specialized tech roles in growing enterprises.

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