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Most outsourced developer roles in the technology industry

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    March 9, 2021    |      5 min read


What developer roles do leading tech companies outsource?

One of the growing trends in the technology industry among medium and large companies is software development outsourcing. This can be a huge advantage for companies whose business is not significantly dependent on the software’s quality or performance that it’s been outsourced.

However, it has been proved that direct hiring, BOT, or staff augmentation is a much more effective practice in the technology industry. Software engineers are more committed to the project, which guarantees the quality and reduction of costs associated with the risks of not having complete control of the development process.

Outsourcing may be the first choice when thinking about saving money. Nonetheless, for the last decade, startups and leading software companies have been outsourcing remote software developers worldwide because their main concern is filling the country’s talent shortage gap.

Today’s technology giants try to keep their software development in-house as much as they can. Still, they outsource the recruitment or expansion of their tech teams when there are projects that exceed their capacity. They often hire remote software engineers in countries like Mexico, Ukraine, Colombia, or India.

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Leading tech companies that outsourced offshore

With more than 12 million daily active users, Slack is the most used communication channel for startups and small businesses. Many of us love using Slack working remotely because, among other things, it has a sleek and modern design. However, Slack outsourced the website’s UX/UI design and some code snippets needed to build the web and mobile apps to Mobile Engineers.

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GitHub is another great outsourcing success story, mainly its back-end hosting to more than 70 million projects. Yes, Github’s backend build by an outsourced Software Engineer – now GitHub’s Chief Information Officer.

With the world’s largest team of 89,000 developers, Google may not seem like a company that outsources. Still, Google appreciates the perspectives that come from outside talent to advance and innovate truly. Their outsourcing journey started in the year 2011 when they required AdWords tech support specialists. They open call centers all over the world. 

For Slack, GitHub, and Google, as for many other companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Alibaba, or Amazon, outsourcing staff to develop its products has been crucial in its growth. Perhaps today, they would not be what they are without that strategy.

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Looking at these few examples, it is clear that any technology position can be outsourced, not only because it lowers costs and keeps investors happy but because the in-house team has more time to focus on their core work. At the same time, the company can benefit from the perspective of international talent.

Top outsourced IT roles

Our 2021 edition of the Tech Salaries Report is an excellent tool to know the roles that other technology companies are outsourcing. More than 145 CodersLink partners share which positions they are most looking for to fill their job vacancies offshore.

Full Stack Developers are the most sought-after in the tech industry. This is the #1 role on the list and the most requested on the CodersLink job portal. Almost 30% of job openings are for these professionals.

Front End Developers, Back End Developers, and Mobile Developers are the next three positions most demanded roles; they accumulate a little more than 27% of the vacancies offered.

The intermediate experience level is the most sought after by companies. More than half of the job offers are for these professionals with 4 to 7 years of experience. 

Other roles in high demand include IT professionals from executive, operational, and even data scientist roles. Thus the top 10 are completed by Technical Support, QA Test Automation Engineers, Developer Operations Engineers, Web Developers, Product / Project Managers, and Data Scientists. 

UX / UI Designers and Business Intelligence Analysts are non-technical positions that stand out in the technology industry among the 15 jobs with the highest demand.

Where to find outsourcing software engineers in Mexico?

At CodersLink, we have opened job opportunities for all kinds, both executive, operational, and engineering. Perhaps, to mention some of the most outsourced roles, we can say that full-stack developers are in the top 1, followed by mobile, web developers, and tech support specialists.

Find out if outsourcing to Mexico can lower your recurring costs with our Tech Salaries in Mexico 2021 report. We compare salaries and benefits in Mexico against the USA’s average wages. This report will also serve as a point of reference if you are looking for other outsourcing destinations since we analyze the rates of more than five popular destinations globally.

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