Build - Operate HR - Transfer (BOT) Eliminate the risk of building a remote tech team and reduce the cost with the BOT Model Establish a nearshore tech team with the help of an IT outsourcing partner, who brings the team to full operational capacity, and transfers all HR management to you when you decide without compromising operational control, culture, and quality. Calculate BOT Model ROI
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58% of companies use remote talent to fill skill gaps in their in-house tech teams.
Operating The BOT Model
Companies take from 18 to 36 months to go through the whole BOT process. The most intensive part is the operating model, where structure and trial and error happen.
build operate transfer at coderslink Build Stage
1. In-depth understanding of requirements - business goals, technical requirements, company culture.

2. Building your team and office - sourcing talent, securing office space, equipment, and manage HR functions.
bot icon Operate Stage
1. Operating all HR functions - Payroll and Benefits, Staffing, Performance Management, and Equipment and Office changes.

2. Establish and standardize policies - job roles, functions, salaries, performance expectations, and career paths.
Build Operate Transfer IT Team icon Transfer Stage
1. Transferring all HR management internally to a company.

2. Company continues to request talent from IT partner, but now manages when hired.
Get continuous access to specialized knowledge, cost savings, and boost in tech productivity.
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  • HR Managers
    Avoid common problems with building large nearshore teams with support from on-the-ground experts. Maintain corporate culture.
  • Operations
    Reduction and predictability in labor and benefit costs, increase in hiring speed. Grow on-demand. Increased diversity.
  • Engineering
    Increase delivery rates without sacrificing quality. Close the skill gap, obtain skill sets needed.
  • Executive Suite
    Reduce risk on long-term IT team investment with support from expert partners. Nearshore team increases flexibility and response rate to changing business needs.
Featured services Use an outsourcing partner’s sourcing power and pool to recruit candidates for your company. searching for people illustration
IT Staffing for Build and Operate Stage
Start with IT staffing to start hiring fully dedicated remote developers for your LATAM office. Access managed payroll, benefits, and performance.
Permanent Placement for the Transfer Stage.
Move all HR management and payroll into your internal team, whether in LATAM or in the US. Continue to add new hires on-demand.
Best for companies looking to establish a long-term tech team in a nearshore location.
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Large Companies
That depend on technology or customer support teams that are looking to quickly expand a workforce - without too much infrastructure, cost, and time - to support internal teams and long-term projects.
mid size company red icon
Medium Companies
Looking to grow a tech team or customer support team to deal with secondary tasks and priorities, as well as meet with demand peaks.
Over two years ago, we identified some strategic initiatives in Guadalajara. Since then, we’ve grown from two to over 35 employees in Mexico, with the help of CodersLink.
testimonial by Clayton from Netprotect
Clayton [J2 Global] VP of Business Operations
We were impressed with how easy it was to bring a talented developer from another country to work with us, or at least how easy CodersLink made it seem.
Rafael [Parlevel] CIO and Co-founder
The process of starting up a team in Guadalajara was a lot less painful than we had anticipated. We were able to start with a team of six who in less than a few months are already working with our US-based teams.
Nick [StackPath] CSO
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The right partner can show you the way to a successful BOT implementation
We’ve grown BOT teams in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City of more than 40 people. Our pool of over 12,000 pre-vetted candidates helps BOT partners shorten recruitment timeframes by 30%, save over $1 million in labor costs during their first year, and establish procedures and policies for long-term growth.

Our partnerships are long-lasting and based on transparency and communication.

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