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The Emerging Startup Scaling Strategy: How Hiring LATAM Developers Propels Growth with Reduced Risk

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    September 15, 2022    |      6 min read


LATAM remote developers working on a project


There is no shortage of approaches to scaling a company successfully. Hiring LATAM developers might be one of the least talked about strategies gaining traction in a post-covid world. 

The LATAM tech ecosystem has become a hotspot for talent. The burgeoning region provides an array of opportunities for companies looking to build their team and keep costs low. 

With the right approach, tenacity, creativity, and ambition, your company can go from a two-man operation in a garage to a mid-size level enterprise, to a powerhouse company changing the industry. 

Regardless of where you are in your development, expanding your team is a consequential decision. Below, we provide an overview of how hiring talent in Latin America can play a role in a successful scaling strategy. 

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Searching for the Right Team When Scaling Up 

All business owners and entrepreneurs seek growth. How to achieve that, however, is not always black and white. It’s not uncommon for companies to underestimate or overestimate their growth potential and put themselves at risk. 

Entrepreneurs and business people are naturally more inclined to take risks but never carelessly. They seek opportunities that can produce returns with the least amount of risk. Proper recruiting and hiring are two of the most important components of scaling a company. Miscalculations in hiring, bad hiring, or holding back from seeking new talent in critical moments can cost a company momentum and stonewall its growth. 

Hiring mistakes come in many forms. Companies can put off hiring to maximize resources and end up burning out their initial team or find that they stifled their own momentum. Sometimes companies hire an employee incompatible with their company culture. Similarly, when the company reaches a level of growth, the company fails to hire elite talent with the necessary skills and background to drive the company forward. 

How a LATAM Team Can Be Part of Your Scale-Up Strategy 

In the world of technology, everything happens fast. Companies know that if the market is big and profitable enough, they leave the door open for competition. It is the ripe competition that makes startups, platform tech companies, and other growing businesses obsessed over productivity, innovation, and consistent growth.

With the rise of remote work, companies can access high-level talent around the world. And while that is an exciting prospect, it can also be overwhelming. Where do you begin? How do you set out to find the right candidates in an entirely new landscape? 

Scaling with a Remote Team in Mexico

The best approach to scaling in LATAM is to work with a hiring partner that knows the ropes. One of our clients, Parlevel, is a top-to-bottom provider of innovative vending technology tools for the food industry. At one point in their development, the company was experiencing considerable growth. They had received investment to continue and scale their product, but the landscape was challenging: they needed an all-in-one solution to help them scale their sourcing, payroll, and benefits management. 

Starting from scratch in finding the right candidates would require time and resources. Not only that, the vetting process would require considerable effort and draw from other necessary sources of energy in the company. 

Their main initial obstacle was having a little-to-none hiring pipeline to get started. Through CodersLink, the company immediately gained access to 20,000+ pre-vetted software developers and worked with a partner that has established processes for hiring in Mexico (i.e. dealing with local tax laws, payroll, and benefits management). 

How to Scale Your Company by Hiring in Mexico 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for scaling a company. Growth happens in different ways. So, whether you are looking to hire one software developer or a team of ten, working with a hiring partner to extend your team to LATAM has several possibilities and benefits. You can: 

  • Fill one or more specialized positions: Perhaps your company needs a very specific and technical position. An experienced IT hiring partner has top-level matchmaking capabilities to help you find the candidate you need. Remote hiring allows you to tap into a worldwide talent pool. 
  • Staff a nearshore office or your main HQ: Big companies like Pinterest, for example, have set up shop in Mexico, opening up satellite offices in one of Mexico’s tech hubs to supplement their working team in the U.S. 
  • Utilize the BOT model to structure a team: This model helps companies build teams in a location they are unfamiliar with by working with a hiring partner. It is a three-phase process that takes a company from the beginning stages of building a team, securing a process, and eventually taking over all management and responsibilities
  • Keep costs down: Scaling is all about increasing your output without going overboard on your overhead costs. Due to differing costs of living, hiring a LATAM developer is more cost-effective. Salaries for software developers in Mexico is much lower than in the U.S. Download our Tech Salaries 22 to dive into the details. 

By using a LATAM team to grow your company, you also:

  • Source their candidates from a pool of pre-vetted developers
  • Hire the best candidate regardless of their location
  • Build high-performing remote teams with elite talent
  • Develop a partnership that allows for hiring in the future when the need arises
  • Avoided initial hiring costs
  • Reduce overall time spent reviewing CVs and focus on bridging in more engineers 
  • Hire world-class talent for a fraction of the salary expected by U.S. workers of the same position

Reduce Risk When Scaling Up By Hiring a Remote Developer in LATAM

Business owners know that there is no “secret sauce,” no manual, or step-by-step guide to success, but there are strategies that have a notable track record. Hiring a software developer in Mexico is one of them. 

Growth carries inherent risk, but making calculated risk assessments is part of the challenge of entrepreneurial pursuit. And one of the central questions surrounding scaling is how to hire and build the right team without expending unnecessary time and resources. 

CodersLink takes care of the logistics including contracts, benefits and salaries, IP insurance, and back-office duties. With a well-established vetting process, our 20,000+ pool of developers and IT workers are already highly-trained engineers with proven technical skills, soft skills, and experience. 

Want to learn more about how it works? Connect with our team. 


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