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Best Software Engineering Salary Research Sites

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    March 25, 2021    |      5 min read


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The era of digital transformation is upon us and with it the rising demand for engineers and software developers in an already competed market. 

Engineers across the board from mechanical, biological all the way to software engineers are paid top dollar for their skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median wage for a US worker in 2020 is of $50,000 per year, compared to the median annual wage of an engineer of $90,000. That’s almost a 100% difference.

The demand has also driven salary growth for engineers with an average of 5-6% yearly growth and with the rising tide of digital transformation, it appears that demand will only continue to grow by 24% in the next decade. 

This has exploded the search for talent abroad in Latin America, Asia, India, and Eastern Europe. But where can you find reliable information about the salary levels there? 

Here’s our shortlist of the best developer salary research sites for global developer rates

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The 8 Best Sites for Salary Research

1. Payscale

PayScale is a fantastic platform where consumers can easily track quarterly changes in the pays of full-time industry workers and education professionals across different countries and even regions. 

Apart from a full national index, PayScale allows users to enjoy sifting through specific industries, metropolitan areas, company sizes, and job categories.

On the flip side, PayScale’s state-of-the-art management software offers users accurate and useful compensation practices to ensure users are always up-to-date with business practices and pay trends. Lastly, the platform collates over 65,000 responses across about 180 countries and territories to examine every aspect of the developer journey.  

Their up-to-date research observes the wage growth for engineering and science from 2006 till the present day.

2. Accelerance

The first-rate website provider, Accelerance, is equipped with the latest information about offshore, onshore, and nearshore software development rates. Moreover, you get to enjoy in-depth analysis featuring valuable information necessary for IT recruiters seeking a software team for reasonable prices.

Besides this, Accelerance boasts a revolutionary partner selection that helps you outsource the perfect team. Their excellent consulting solutions help ensure effective and reliable solutions. You can even find a stellar guide on comparing nearshore, offshore, and onshore rates as well. 

3. CodersLink

CodersLink provides an in-depth analysis of Latin American developer salaries with constant research reports on salaries across different regions. Through its community of more than 15,000 developers, and a growing list of hundreds of global clients we are able to correlate data to reach incredible insights about salary trends, job trends, and the latest demand offerings. 

Their most popular report – The Mexico Tech Salaries Report – just released their new updated version and have recently released a resource center page for anything and everything on Mexico’s IT Industry and Salary information. 

4. Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is one of the most popular websites curating in-depth annual developer surveys through various methods. Here users can enjoy scrolling through engaging engineering salary, number of programmers, and such surveys.

Their last survey features an extensive analysis of numbers of diverse programmers across the globe. Featuring underrepresented groups on their platform allows Stack Overflow to connect with a diverse audience.

5. Salary.com

Enjoy sifting through millions of exhaustive lists of salary lists of all industries. Once you search for a specific industry, you’ll be taken to a comprehensive breakdown of its salary basis, job offers, and whatnot. Moreover, the website updates their salary lists every year to ensure you get access to up-to-date information. 

Their latest updates allow you to sift through new salary recommendations for 2021. For instance, it shows that the average salary for software engineers is between $62,400 to $168,030. You can even enjoy scrolling through valuable compensation data to pinpoint the exact pay evaluation. 

6. Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter is another great source for finding specific region information about engineers. It takes more of a manual search to get to a full report, but you’re able to identify actionable information from across the globe. 

7. IBISWorld

IBISWorld focuses on creating and building research reports covering a variety of industries. They usually provide complete industry overviews and research reports and can be a good starting point to gather less precise information about the global industry

You can also choose to dive deeper into specific country data or other similar reports. It takes a bit of perusing to identify and compile the data you need, but definitely worth the time investment. 


A software developer offshore agency located in the Netherlands conducts regular research of global salaries and provides research reports about the software engineering industry. 

They focus on the macroeconomic trends of salary research for software developers and IT outsourcing trends. 

The Takeaway

software engineer salary takeaway

Software engineering demand will only continue to rise, and with it developer salary research by companies looking to create engineering tech teams. These sites are those that we’ve seen continuously refresh their data with primary research.

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