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Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages Used by Developers in Mexico 

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    February 27, 2023    |      6 min read


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There’s always something new lurking in the world of technology. And as the tech changes, people in the industry keep an eye on the programming languages and frameworks used to achieve some of those innovative and groundbreaking tasks. So what are the most popular programming languages in Mexico’s tech industry? The Mexico Tech Salaries report 2023 is the ultimate IT salary guide for growing and expanding your team in Mexico’s growing tech industry.

It’s that time of year again. CodersLink Mexico Tech Salaries Report is on the horizon and this year, the survey explored some interesting trends in Mexico’s tech ecosystem. Our yearly survey is meant to take a detailed snapshot of Mexico’s growing IT industry and learn more about the upcoming and senior talent that makes part of this growing workforce. 

So, as we finish compiling the extensive Mexico salary data for our 2023 ebook, here is a sneak peek at the best popular programming languages in Mexico. 

The Competitive Edge of Mexico’s IT Industry 

We have known for a while that Mexico has a burgeoning IT sector. Our last three editions of the Mexico Tech Salaries Report showed a steady growth in the country’s tech sector. 

Mexico’s IT Industry has experienced considerable growth in the past few years. With over 130,000 graduates leaving school with degrees in computer science or related fields, the country is working to fill the demand for technological solutions at home and abroad. Because of increased demand everywhere, many U.S. companies turned to Mexico as a nearshoring destination to fill critical tech roles. Our 2023 survey reveals, for example, that 26.7% of respondents work in a U.S.-based company. Since we began publishing the Mexico Tech Salaries Report, Mexico’s pool of experienced developers and engineers continues to grow and diversify. 

Certain regions in Mexico have educational and governmental initiatives in place that have spurred growth. In 2022, for example, the five cities with the highest average IT salaries were Monterrey, Mexico City, Merida, Guadalajara, and Queretaro. These cities seem to be digging in as Mexico’s main tech hubs.   

Mexico’s Growing IT Industry

Just like in the United States, Mexico saw a growing demand for digital transformation when covid hit. This was apparent throughout all sectors but certain industries, such as the Fintech industry saw a rapid uptick due to high demand. The country has the talent, the demand, and the opportunity to make this a significant sector of its economy. Mexico led the fintech growth spurt in the LATAM region. It was also the first country to implement laws specific to the fintech sector. According to TechCrunch, the sector accounted for 20% of all venture investment throughout Latin America. 

The potential of this sector is just one example of the growing industries in Mexico that are driving progress in the country and encouraging young people to choose a path in technology and programming. According to Indeed, the most common languages used in the Fintech sector include Python, Scala, Java, C++, and JavaScript. 

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The Most Used Programming Languages by Developers in Mexico

Mexico’s software developers and engineers are trained in the most popular languages used in the United States. Because of Mexico’s proximity, educational institutions and on-the-job training focus on training their young developers. What programming languages do Mexican software developers and engineers use the most? 

According to our 2023 survey, the most used programming languages in Mexico include: 


  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL 
  • C++

IT salary guide-Programming-languages

The Top Frameworks used by Mexican tech talent are:

  • Bootstrap
  • React JS
  • Angular 
  • ASP.Net Core
  • Angular JS

Top Frameworks

Less common frameworks like Ruby on Rails are also used among Mexican developers but not as often. According to the 2023 survey, 1.6% of tech professionals listed this as their main framework. In recent years, discussions about the relevance of Ruby on Rails made the rounds in the tech community and the final decision is still up for dispute. According to LinkedIn, RoR was one of the most popular web development frameworks but showed to be declining in recent years. It was in 2015, that this framework was one of the most popular and it has since then fallen out of favor. Yet, for companies that still utilize this framework, finding talent that is proficient in it can prove mighty valuable, as it is a complex and difficult system to learn. 

How Does that Compare to the Most Popular Programming Languages in the U.S.? 

Mexico’s most popular languages closely align with those in the United States. According to Stackoverflow’s 2022 Developer Survey, JavaScript remained at the top for the tenth year. Second to JavaScript was HTML/CSS followed by SQL and Python.  

The Stackoverflow list looks like this: 


It looks like JavaScript’s adaptability and flexibility applies across the world, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced developers alike. Part of the reason for JavaScript’s long reign is that it allows developers the ability to get to work immediately without any environment setup. It is a highly adaptable language that runs on anything including mobile, tablets, laptops. 

Top Frameworks Used in the U.S. 

According to the same survey, Node.js and React.js are the most common web technologies that upcoming developers and established professionals use in the U.S. According to the survey, Angular is the framework most used by professional developers. This indicates that those proficient in Node.js are more likely experienced and senior or mid-level developers. 

The Stackoverflow data on frameworks looks like this: 

Top-Frameworks- U.S.

Dive Into the Mexico Tech Salaries Report 2023 

As we get ready to publish our 2023 report, we are finding more and more interesting insights into the technology world in Mexico. The report covers everything from average salaries, top tech roles, interesting demographics, and information about what the tech talent is searching for when they look for new work and interview for their next opportunity.  

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