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What U.S. Industries are in Need of Tech Professionals?

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    April 25, 2023    |      4 min read


Top U.S. Industries in need of tech professionals

The past few years have seen quite the transformation for a number of industries. During the past few years, many industries—from healthcare, education, to manufacturing— have had to adapt, modernize, and implement new digital tools and infrastructure to get the job done. 

So, while we often think about the tech industry as the main employer for today’s top talent of software developers and engineers, it is not the only sector that finds itself in need of tech professionals able to improve their operations. 

Whether it’s through software development, app creation, improving digital infrastructure or integrating automation or AI, businesses across all sectors have had to rethink the way they do business and consider how they can adapt without falling behind. 

So what does the tech labor market look like today? 

The CompTIA monthly April report, for example, published the latest numbers on tech job posts by industry. The results showed that while the professional, scientific, and technical services industry still ranks on top, there are other industries not far behind seeking tech professionals. 

The CompTIA table looked like this: 

Top Industries: Tech Job Postings 

Top Industries, by Tech Job Postings (April 2023)

Professional, scientific, and technical services 84,681
Administrative and Support  39,036
Manufacturing  31,561
Finance and Insurance  26,717
Information  15,637


This doesn’t look too different from about a half year ago. In August of 2022, for example, the list looked something like this: 

Top Industries, by Tech Job Postings (August 2022)

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services  47,522
Finance and Insurance  41,367
Manufacturing  35,732
Information 15,016
Retail Trade  11,874

The scientific and technical services industry is no surprise, as they are the leading employer for the tech savvy, given that it is the space in which a lot of new tech, innovation, and development happen. 

Yet, over the last few months, there seems to have been a shift: the finance industry decreasing in job postings and being replaced by industries such as manufacturing. We will note, however, that looking at only two months doesn’t give the whole picture and is a somewhat limited view, but it can provide some idea of what industries continue to be in the second, third, and fourth positions. 

However, some of the other industries show interesting trends. 

The Manufacturing Industry 

In manufacturing, for example, the increasing implementation of automation and robotics is increasing the demand for qualified technical professionals to work in these areas. Technology has seen rapid advancements that help improve production processes, increase the pace of innovation, and reduce costs by making operations more efficient and automated. 

Finance and Insurance Industry 

In later 2021 and 2020, industries like banking saw a massive investment in new technologies. This led to plenty of developers and tech professionals flocking to the industry as opportunities to do exciting work opened up. 

A lot of major banks in the U.S., for example, find themselves investing billions of dollars a year into technology. JPMorgan Chase invests about $12 billion a year in technology, which includes about $4 billion dedicated to the consumer and commercial banking sector. Many of today’s major banks utilize some form of technology from machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile, cloud, and microservices. 

Some of the most sought-after positions in the banking industry include: 

  • Software engineer
  • Full-stack software engineer
  • Back-end software engineer
  • DevOps Engineer 
  • Data Engineer 
  • Business analyst 

The Quest for Great Tech Talent at Home and Abroad 

For the foreseeable future, it seems every industry will see some form of technological innovation. There’s no indication that this is about to cease anytime soon. Due to the massive growth, it means that many U.S. companies search for tech talent in many different ways. 

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