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McKinsey Survey Highlights Positive Remote Work Numbers

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    February 7, 2023    |      2 min read


Remote work numbers

In recent years the ongoing debate about remote work has spawned a massive movement of research, surveys, and investigations into the way people work, how they work, why they work, and the overall state of the labor market. McKinsey has done a lot of great work on this front, examining the U.S. markets but also the labor market as a whole. Understanding tech talent and what they seek in job opportunities provide insights to those managing a remote team. 

A recent survey by McKinsey revealed that flexible work arrangements ranked as one of the top reasons for workers to seek a new job. These reasons, however, varied by gender and age. Older workers seem to have a preference for flexible work arrangements. 

A couple of highlights from the survey:

  • Tech talent prefers working remotely to moving for a job 
    • This is true for both men and women, staff and independent workers and contractors. 
  • Having flexible work arrangements is a priority for workers 35 years to -64
  • Flexible work arrangements are far more important to women than men

remote work

Building a Remote Team? Now May be the Perfect Time.

Research points to a preference in remote work for tech workers. And while remote team management may seem daunting to companies that have never hired fully remotely before, getting the best talent might depend on the work model you choose to implement. 

The above-mentioned U.S. survey has similar trends to other countries like Mexico. In Mexico and Latin America, the remote work trend has been similar. Research from our Tech Salaries Report 2022  indicates that 90% of workers that worked remotely during the pandemic wanted to remain doing so. 

As we finish up this year’s Tech Salaries Survey, results appear similar. Tech talent has settled into a remote-first mentality. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about our upcoming Tech Salaries Survey  2023. 


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