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Remote Work in Mexico: How Many Mexican Software Developers Work for U.S. Companies?

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    March 28, 2023    |      4 min read


Mexican Developers Working for U.S. Companies

Every year, our deep dive into the Mexico tech ecosystem provides us with exclusive insights into this growing community of tech talent and developers in Mexico. This is the fourth year we completed this IT salary guide. With more data points than ever, we are confident the reports provide an accurate snapshot of Mexico’s tech professionals. 

In recent years, Latin America has turned heads with its fast-growing tech revolution. Not only has  it been a hotspot for VC funding—receiving record-level investment in 2021— but it has also increased its internet penetration, smartphone use, and seen an increase in local startups and companies reaching unicorn status. As one of the biggest countries in Latin America, Mexico has continued the trend of a growing tech ecosystem that continues to train elite tech talent to work with and innovate with today’s leading technologies. 

In just the last two years, publications like Entrepreneur highlighted the fact that U.S. companies were turning to Mexico to hire developers during the height of the tech talent shortage. These two highlights indicate that during the period of accelerated growth and covid, U.S. tech companies relied on some of the most talented people in Mexico’s tech talent network to fill crucial positions and complete their tech teams. 

#1 Mexico has Experienced Developers Working with Today’s Top Technologies 

Half of Mexico’s tech talent has 6 or more years of experience. About 25.9% of Mexico’s tech talent have 11 years or more of work experience. This indicates the fact that Mexico has been ahead of the curve in training and graduating qualified developers for more than a decade. 

Level of Experience in Mexico’s IT Company Percent %
Expert (15 years or more) 11.1%
Senior (11 to 15 years) 14.8%
Semi-Senior (6 to 10 years) 24.5%
Middle (3 to 5 years) 23.3%
Junior ( to 2 years) 15.1%
Entry Level (Less than 1 year) 11.3%


Mexico’s senior developers tend to work more closely with programming language C# and SQL. Read more about the top programming languages used by senior developers. 

#2 Mexican Tech Professionals Working for U.S. or International Companies 

So not only does Mexican tech talent train in technologies, programming languages, and frameworks used and in demand in the U.S., but many of those developers are already working for U.S. companies. The tech talent shortage of the last few years led many companies to look for qualified talent in other talent pools. Similarly, the rise of remote work has facilitated remote hiring and made remote tech teams more common and accessible. A surprising 26.7% of tech professionals surveyed reported they are already working for U.S. companies. That number is likely to grow as tech salaries in the U.S. reach six figures on average. 


Not only has Mexico’s talent pool accumulated years of experience and knowledge in today’s leading programming languages and frameworks, but many of those developers and engineers already have experience working for U.S. companies. This indicates a cohort of tech talent that has high English fluency, experience, and well-acquainted with the demands of working for international remote tech teams. 

We also found that a majority of tech professionals in Mexico would find working for a U.S. or international company very attractive and therefore seek the challenges that come with it. 

Tech professionals in Mexico who want to work for U.S. companies

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