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Three Tech Industry Job Trends in 2023

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    June 13, 2023    |      5 min read


tech industry job trends

Projecting the direction of technological advancement is not always cut and dry. After all, many have predicted flying cars were just around the corner. Virtual reality, with some initial iterations, seems to have taken much longer than anticipated to be perfected. The metaverse, discussed as the next groundbreaking step into a virtual world, has flopped, at last for now, as it works out glitches and attempts to reach user expectations.  

There’s a lot of speculation about where tech is headed and, while no one has a crystal ball, there are certain directions that seem apparent at this point:

  1. Companies will implement newer and ground-breaking technologies into their business. 
  2. The tech talent job market will remain steady as companies seek to innovate and improve processes.  
  3. The tech sector employment will see growth in certain areas as specialized positions open up.

The trends projected for the rest of 2023 involve the combination of rising tech and businesses learning to leverage their existing or incoming tech talent. As Harvard Business Review writes, businesses should focus on freeing their tech engineers from unnecessary administrative work or distractions so they can focus on innovation, given that finding tech talent is still highly competitive. 

McKinsey research identified several technologies that they deemed likely to change the way we work and live. Some of these new innovations included space technologies, AI, and immersive technologies. 

According to the authors of the report, the rise of these new technologies will cause several challenges for business leaders: 

  • Increase the need to revamp engineering and tech talent 
  • Choosing individual trends to adopt for the benefit of their business
  • And combinatorial trends, which refers to the new possibilities that emerge out of the criss-crossing of technologies.

In addition to these trends, other ground-breaking technologies are being adopted at a faster pace, hitting what is known as the ‘tipping point’ of mass adoption. According to McKinsey, companies say that companies want to shift at least 60% of their IT estate to the cloud by 2025 according to a McKinsey report.

More than 50% of companies said that they had already adopted AI capabilities in at least one function of their business.  

As companies find ways to integrate and implement developing tech into their business, that movement is closely reflected in the job market and its demands. After all, there is still a vast need for talent capable of implementing and setting these processes in place. 

So, what does the tech job market look like in 2023? 

According to the May 2023 CompTIA report, Tech industry employment remains steady. After layoffs in the early part of the year, the industry managed to recover and align itself to even out. When looking at a chart of tech employment in the U.S., the bars show a steady incline from November 2021 to November 2022. In the early half of 2023, the numbers have remained steady, with April and May standing almost head to head. 

In April, the top remote positions and tech job postings were: 

  • Software Developers
  • Systems Engineers and Architects
  • Systems Analysts 
  • IT Project Managers
  • IT Support Specialists 

In the May report, those positions remained relatively unchanged:

  • Software developers
  • IT Project Mgt. Data Analyst, EmTech
  • Systems Analysts
  • Data Scientists 
  • IT Support Specialists 

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The Tech Industry in the U.S. and Beyond

As the tech industry in the U.S. drives innovation forward, tech sectors across the globe often follow suit with similar and emerging technologies. In 2021, for example, Randstad, the Argentinian Human Resources firm, looked at the positions in higher demand in Latin America and concluded that

  • Data science
  • UX Design
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Ecommerce development and
  • Full stack development

were poised to grow more in the region in the upcoming years. Those trends seemed to have panned out as the industry moved in that direction. 

CodersLink’s latest research and Mexico IT salary guide reveals that the most commonly found tech roles in Mexico right now are:

  • full stack developer
  • back end developer
  • software engineer
  • project manager
  • data analyst.

This means that the Mexican tech ecosystem has a lot of tech talent in today’s most in-demand roles. 

Mexico’s tech industry can be a viable option for filling necessary tech roles as many U.S. companies  have already discovered. How? Find and hire elite tech talent in LATAM. Connect with our team to learn about how we do it. 

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