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In the Era of Remote Work, Use a Hiring Partner

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    April 1, 2017    |      5 min read



The era of remote work has changed the labor landscape. Today, remote developers comprise a large number of tech jobs in the growing market. Companies have seen the benefits of having employees work from afar. At the same time however, this business strategy comes with its challenges, as it presents various unknowns in the hiring process. Companies have a choice in how they approach their remote hiring. This includes considering the benefits of a hiring partner vs. an online job board.

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Know Where To Begin

The first step in hiring the ideal remote developer is knowing where to look. The internet is a vast infinite jungle of information, potential, and talent. The right candidate is out there, but finding them requires a little direction. There are essentially two options of how to begin your search: job boards or a hiring partner.

Job Board:

A job board is any number of available sites where employers post an opening and wait for candidates to come to them. These sites can post a variety of jobs and are visited by job seekers who are often applying to several jobs at a time. An employer might pay a fee to the site in order to post their job. On well known boards like Monster, the fee for one month listing can be up to $375. Others, like Indeed, will charge you per click on your posted job —which doesn’t necessarily include job seekers that actually submit an application. Candidates are often allowed to apply directly on the site or are redirected to a company specified application.

Hiring Partner:

When it comes to more specialized positions, hiring partners are way ahead of the curb. They function is in the title: they partner with the company in a search for the right candidate. They specialize in researching the highest qualified candidates in the industry and develop very specific vetting and application processes that ensure the hiring is successful.

Know What You’re Getting

The main difference between these options is that a hiring partner offers more value and stability in the process of finding workers. They are not just an interface, rather they are actively engaged with your company as they make the decision. Some of the benefits of using a remote hiring partner include:


  • Specialize in their industry.  A hiring partner will have a focused knowledge on working with particular types of workers in a niche industry. This might include IT workers, developers, or other types of freelancers. This knowledge of the industry means they have narrowed down effective methods for identifying qualified candidates.
  • Complete the vetting process. When a candidate on a job board applies to your ad, you have no way of verifying much of the information. A hiring partner will have established vetting processes that will check for and evaluate certain criteria. Perhaps your company is looking for particular educational background or skillset, a hiring partner will put a system in place to ensure the candidate is evaluated for it before they reach your desk. This way, the candidates you speak with have been checked and verified based on your specified standards.
  • Maximize your resources. Eliminating inefficient hiring practices will not only save you a considerable amount of time, but it will cut down on your hiring expenses. Choosing from random candidates on a job board and then finding out weeks in that they are not the right fit, is frustrating for both parties. A hiring partner will work with you in identifying the characteristics and experience you’re looking for, finding it, vetting the candidate, and facilitating communication.
  • Lets you focus on hiring and onboarding. The hiring process extends far beyond simply choosing the right person. A successful hire will require some time for onboarding, training, and introduction to the company policies and methods. This onboarding process is crucial and can very well determine the success of your new employee and their initial weeks. Working with a hiring partner keeps the extra procedures off your plate and allows you to focus on your training process.
  • Broader options and access to international candidates. Great talent lives worldwide and if you’re looking to reach out to or bring in talent from other places of the world, hiring partners can also help you with that.
  • For direct hire, they simplify the process. If you’re looking to bring in workers from abroad hiring partners are a good option. For a more direct hire, these companies will eliminate the confusing paperwork, immigration processes, and/or security questions that might often deter companies from reaching across borders to bring in candidates to work for them. Some hiring partners like CodersLink, will focus resources in finding specific kinds of workers in a particular sector or specialized field— many times throughout a geographic region where they establish connections and get to know quality candidates. This kind of in-depth knowledge of a remote talent pool allows employers to connect with already vetted and verified workers.

Approach Remote Hiring the Right Way

As a manager or company head, time is a valuable resource. Wasting it on candidates that might not be a right fit or will leave the job a few weeks in, is costly in productivity, project advancement, and financial resources. In the end, a hiring partner works with you in identifying remote workers that will improve and enhance your company. Make sure that you are hiring the best candidates for every opening. One badly filled position slows everything down and can have consequences throughout.

Why do you think hiring partners are a better option. Leave us your comments below!

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