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Tech Job Outlook for Late 2023: Balancing Layoffs and New Opportunities

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    August 28, 2023    |      5 min read


Tech Job Outlook for Late 2023: Balancing Layoffs and New Opportunities

After the layoffs and an uncertain economy, what is the outlook for tech jobs for the remainder of 2023? 

The economic and labor landscape has been in see-saw motion for a few years now. There have been considerable highs and lows, ebbs and flows, reversals, returns to normals, and unforeseen circumstances. Throughout all this, the IT industry has not faltered; it has remained as one of the strongest job creators on the market, despite some reshuffling and realignment. 

Why? This industry is unique given that it has become intertwined with almost every other industry in some form or to some degree or other. In other words, tech has embedded itself in everything from healthcare, education, retail, etc. 

So, what do the job numbers say in late 2023? 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data suggests that IT workers and technical professionals are well positioned to keep their jobs and, in many circumstances, receive a bump in pay as new opportunities surge. And yet, industry growth will be smaller than in 2022. 

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Tech Layoffs in 2023

Although the tech layoffs were more highly publicized in late 2022 and early 2023, they have continued into this year. Workforce reductions continued in big names like Microsoft, Zoom, Meta, Amazon, and others. As of August 3rd, 2023, the layoffs in 2023 were up to 224,503, according to Tech Crunch. 

So while this number seems high, the data suggests that those out of a job can quickly find another if they move into a new industry or search in more stable sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and more. 

Software Developer Continue to be in High Demand 

According to the July CompTIA report, software developers continue to be in particularly high demand throughout the IT Industry and due to other industries needing technology upgrades and digitalization. 

The jobs with the highest tech job posting activity include: 

  • Software developers and engineers
  • IT Project Management, Data Analysts, Emerging, Other
  • IT Support specialists
  • Systems Analysts and Engineers
  • Data Scientists 

Top Job Postings for Remote Positions in the U.S. include:

Top Remote Positions June 2023 May 2023
Software Developers 15,757 -2,756
IT Project Mgt., Data Analysts EmTech 8,633 -459
Data Scientists 3,929 +60
Systems Analysts 3,389 -553
IT Support Specialists  2,935 -168
Web Developers  2,147 +190

Tech Job Growth in Mexico 

CodersLink works closely in Mexico’s IT sphere, we try to keep an eye out on what’s happening in the market and how it might compare to shifts in demand and what that might say about the industry as a whole or how that might impact the growing talent pool.  

Just south of the border, Mexico has seen an increase in digital job growth similar to the U.S. According to one list compiled from years of job board data, some of the leading positions in Mexico are intertwined with technology or technology-related services. A lot of the positions also involve knowledge and experience in sales and business or product development. Mexico’s industry does have a heavy emphasis in sales and consulting, which is evident by a lot of the in-demand jobs. 

According to the Economist Mexico, the list looks like this:

  1. Software Engineer or Site Reliability Engineer
  2. Sales Development 
  3. Chief Growth Officer 
  4. Data Engineer
  5. Business Development Representative 
  6. Customer Success Manager 
  7. JavaScript Developer

According to CodersLink own research in 2023, our Tech Salaries Report reflected that tech jobs that were in highest abundance were: 

  • Full Stack Developer: 
  • Back End Developer
  • Software Engineer:
  • Project Manager: 
  • Data Analyst:

Other top roles found in Mexico were listed as:

  • Tech Support Engineer
  • Front End Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Product Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer 

These lists show that Mexico’s industries have a high demand for sales-related jobs but also see a great need for software developers, engineers, and systems administrators and managers. 

Hiring for Tech Roles May be a Challenge But Great Talent is Everywhere

As we keep an eye on the industry outlook, we’ve found that across the board, tech seems to have an incremental growth. Both in the U.S. and Mexico the need for technical professionals continues apace.

The Mexico tech market continues to grow in its supply of experienced software developers and other tech professionals. For many U.S. companies it has been an exciting market to explore and expand their team. 

Learn more about Mexico’s IT industry with one of our Mexico team specialists. 

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