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2024 Programming Languages Forecast: What’s Trending in Tech Talent Acquisition

by Carlos A. Vázquez    |    January 8, 2024    |      2 min read


2024 Programming Languages Forecast: What's Trending in Tech Talent Acquisition

As we begin 2024, the IT industry continues to evolve rapidly, with specific programming languages emerging as pivotal for tech companies. Understanding these trends is crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive and harness top-tier talent. This blog post delves into the most in-demand programming languages for 2024, providing a roadmap for IT companies to align their talent acquisition strategies with the market’s direction.

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The Leading Languages of 2024

Based on current trends and industry data, the following programming languages are projected to dominate the tech scene in 2024:


  • Demand: 20%
  • Application: Web development, Front-end frameworks
  • Insight: JavaScript continues to be indispensable for web development, with widespread use across various frameworks.


  • Demand: 13%
  • Application: Enterprise applications, Android development
  • Insight: Java’s robustness and versatility make it a preferred language for large-scale enterprise solutions and mobile applications.


  • Demand: 12%
  • Application: Data science, Machine learning, Web development
  • Insight: Python’s simplicity and extensive libraries make it ideal for cutting-edge fields like AI and data science.


  • Demand: 12%
  • Application: Database management
  • Insight: SQL remains crucial for managing and analyzing large datasets in almost every tech sector.


  • Demand: 11%
  • Application: System/software development, Game development
  • Insight: C++ is known for its high performance, making it a go-to for system-level programming and sophisticated game development.


  • Demand: 10%
  • Application: Desktop applications, Unity game development
  • Insight: C#’s integration with the .NET framework and use in Unity for game development keeps it highly relevant.


  • Demand: 9%
  • Application: Web development
  • Insight: PHP, a staple in web development, continues to be significant, especially for server-side scripting.


  • Demand: 8%
  • Application: Web development, enhancing JavaScript
  • Insight: Typescript is gaining popularity for its ability to enable more robust and error-free JavaScript code.


  • Demand: 5%
  • Application: System programming, Embedded systems
  • Insight: The foundational language C is essential for low-level programming and embedded systems.

Implications for IT Labor Market and Talent Acquisition

Understanding these trends helps IT companies prepare for the future by:

  • Shaping Hiring Strategies: Align recruitment with these in-demand skills to stay ahead in the talent market.
  • Training and Development: Invest in training current employees in these languages to meet future project needs.
  • Forecasting Industry Trends: Anticipate shifts in tech requirements and adjust project planning accordingly.


As the IT industry marches towards 2024, staying informed about the most in-demand programming languages is key to successful talent acquisition and business growth. By focusing on these languages, companies can ensure they are well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of the evolving tech landscape.

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