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Tech Support 101: What are these specialists all about?

As the internet grew and dependence on digital systems increased, the demand for our systems to operate incessantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week also increased.

Tech support specialists possess a toolbox of technical skills and knowledge that comes in handy when problems arise with connectivity, software, or any number of other issues.

It's worth noticing that there are different levels of tech support specialists. An L1 specialist helps customers both understand and resolve software and hardware issues that can be solved by the client itself. They are usually the first point of contact when customers are looking for support. They diagnose, identify issues, and if necessary, delegate such issues to L2 and L3 tech support when more specialized skills and knowledge are required.

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All About Tech Support Specialists An in-depth guide about this type of specialist - their main responsibilities, best skills to look out for when hiring and where to hire them.

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Overall responsibilities of tech support specialists

As with any role, the responsibilities will depend on the hiring company’s tech roadmap. Their daily tasks and responsibilities have a wide scope, so day-to-day tasks and responsibilities are tailored to your specific company needs.
  • Installing new technology and networks
  • Configuring new technology, programs, and software
  • Providing regular maintenance to existing hardware and software
  • Troubleshooting systems and applications
  • Providing assistance to other company employees or customers
  • Replacing malfunctioning or damaged parts or hardware
  • Writing status reports on hardware and software
  • Running diagnostics of software
  • Ensuring all systems are secure
  • Data entry
  • Conducting electrical safety tests
Technologies and Skills
Zopim Chat software that allows tech support specialists to communicate, take notes, and track conversations with customers in real-time.
Five9 Phone software that allows tech support specialists to communicate and track calls with customers.
ZenDesk Ticketing system to follow up with customer requests, as well as a shared knowledge base for common questions.
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Tech Support Specialist Salary
Tech Support Specialist Salary
*Source: CodersLink Internal Catalog, Glassdoor Tech Support Salaries
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