Mobile Developers Mobile Developers help create magical experiences through applications only available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. In today’s increasingly mobile world, building an app has become a must.
What is a mobile developer? A mobile developer creates specialized software for mobile devices. Whether it’s an Android, Apple or Windows platform they must adapt to the different programming languages and set of requirements of these platforms. In essence, they are tasked with the implementation of the application into the native mobile environments, while also making sure they are updated and maintained accordingly.
Tasks Their job responsibilities and tasks are the following:
  • Develop API’s (application program interfaces)
  • Create Unit and User Interface Tests
  • Building Functional Mobile Applications
  • Troubleshoot and Debugging
  • Update and Maintain based on Feedback
  • Working with Product Managers for New Releases
These are some of the common technologies and skills used in their everyday work:
Android Java, C#, Swift or Objective-C Programming languages used to create native applications in each of the three environments (Apple, Android, and Windows).
Mobile SDK’s This is a set of programming tools that help developers create high performing apps for specific platforms like Google Maps or Facebook.
Application API’s: These are pieces of software code that allow two completely different applications to talk to each other in order to share and interpret information.
AMP Project and Antenna Apps Open-source projects and frameworks that aim to help developers build beautiful mobile experiences quicker and easier.
Fabric or Appsee: Analytics reporting platforms that provide in-depth analysis of user interaction and experience with mobile apps.
Cost Comparison LATAM vs USA
Mobile Developer Salary
Mobile Developer Salary
*Source: CodersLink Internal Catalog, Glassdoor Senior Mobile Developer Salaries
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