Transforming from a freelance workforce to dedicated developers for greater control and agility Here we'll give you a look inside the strategy and show you how Irys, company that improves community engagement tools for cities and public institutions, used CodersLink to build a fully dedicated tech team in less than six months with almost half of the investment they would've spent with other methods. Build Your Own Team
Project Overview
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Irys was outsourcing its IT work to multiple freelance developers in different regions. As they grew, this method didn't grow with them. It helped them save money in the early stages of development, but they needed to take over full control of their tech team to create a refined product, accelerate revenue generation, and evolve with a stronger company culture.
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The Approach
Irys came to CodesLink looking for a partner to help them build a dedicated remote developers team and break free from software development outsourcing agencies and freelancers without investing a fortune in recruiting and hiring costs.
The Results CodersLink help them build a fully dedicated remote tech team in six months
cityflag pipeline purple Full access to an on-demand pipeline of qualified developers They started with two developers and have now grown to five active developers managed through staffing services. As needs arise, they know they can tap into CodersLink's pre-vetted talent pool.
road map yellow icon Improved technical project delivery and milestone achievements With a completely dedicated team, Irys gained greater control, agility and predictability of roadmap completion in comparison to outsourced project management.
Case Study CityFlag savings 40% less in HR hiring costs Excluding HR recruiting costs, Irys was able to hire developers at a lower rate than national levels. They also got the added benefit and HR cost reduction of payroll, benefits and performance management through CodersLink's staffing services.
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Irys used staff augmentation with payroll and benefits management to build their remote developers team.
They started with two Full Stack Developers and scaled to add UX/UI Designers, Android Mobile Developers, and iOS Mobile Developers with tech skills ranging from JavaScript, NodeJs, Django, Python, iOS and Android Java.

Their team's proximity to their US HQ has allowed them to fly their developers in for specific meetings and projects. Through a managed team of developers, Irys was able to quickly find, scale and onboard developers to grow their product and have now received more follow-on funding.
Featured Hire Lead Software Developer Software developer Abraham, a member of the CodersLink talent community, joined Irys to bring over eight years of experience in application design and development.

He has also contributed to Irys' growth by implementing his experience with technical product strategy and architecture and managing agile teams using scrum.
Irys Today
Irys introduced the use of government technological platforms to expand public participation channels while facilitating transparency and public management accountability.

In the past three years, they've grown to a company with over 13 employees, multiple products, and several worldwide clients. They are now Irys™, the next-generation government technological platform serving all communities, from cities or transit hubs to military bases.