Outsourcing Tech Salaries In Mexico, How Do They Compare To The U.S.? by Carlos A. Vázquez

When hiring new employees, salary is a necessary aspect to consider. The rates fluctuate and depend on different variables; they’re like gasoline prices, constantly seesawing as supply and demand increase and change. A software engineer’s salary, for example, will depend on various factors. Salary in tech is then one of the most important considerations when hiring in this industry that is expanding, dynamic, and in high demand.

CodersLink conducted a thorough study to understand the behavior of wages in the technology industry— a sector that is bustling and highly competitive. 

Our report Tech Salaries In Mexico deals in detail with each of the elements that outline the panorama of salaries in the country. In this publication, we dissect the salaries of software developers and 7 other of the main jobs that most American companies request.

In past articles, we’ve explained why Mexico has become the main talent provider in Latin America for the United States. To be brief, let’s summarize it in these 4 points:

  1. The Mexican government has invested vast amounts of money to promote technological development programs, improving the conditions for national and foreign companies to increase their production and innovation capacity.
  2. The qualified workforce in Mexico has grown 3 times faster than in the United States, alleviating the labor shortage in the accelerated growth of the IT industry.
  3. The proximity as a neighboring country has given Mexico a very competitive and unmatched advantage in the offshore market (in this case nearshore) as its cultural affinity, time zones, flights of less than 5 hours, commercial agreements—among other advantages— help to increase remote work teams or even to expand physical offices without major complications.
  4. Finally, and this is closely related to wages in this country, is the affordable cost of living. Employees in “expensive” cities such as Mexico City, can maintain an excellent standard of living without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money as they would in cities like San Francisco or New York.

tech salaries in mexico

In the report Tech Salaries In Mexico, wages are analyzed in 3 of the main cities with a developed technological ecosystem: Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City. For practical purposes, let’s take into account the data obtained in the city of Guadalajara, which reports having the highest salaries out of the 3, being the difference between the lower end and the upper end of the spectrum is not greater than 11%.

To learn about the salary spectrum of Monterrey and Mexico City, or to put it all into context, download our free ebook right here:

So now that we are on the same page…

How much does a Mobile Developer make in Mexico?

Mobile Developers create mobile applications, test, and correct errors. They may be software engineers or web designers, but they must have experience in computer programming and specialized in mobile technology like Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS.

In the United States, android developers, for example, are able to receive a salary that ranges from $75K to $118K dollars per year, while in Guadalajara, Mexico, the annual average is $45K dollars (this is 3k per month).

Mobile developer salary

How much does a UX/UI Designer make?

A user interface (UI) designer ensures the visual communication of each page of a user’s path. A user experience designer (UX) focuses on how something works and how people interact with it. 

A UX designer needs to know how to run, facilitate and analyze research and data, and UI designers should know the composition and graphic design and have a special ability for palettes, typography, and branding in order to make the interface shine and have its own identity.

Salaries for UI/UX designers can reach up to $130K dollars yearly in the United States ($ 62K at best) while in the city of Guadalajara the average salary stays below $ 40K dollars per year (3K per month).

ux ui designer salary

How much does a Software Engineer make?

A software engineer’s salary is a topic of much interest to company owners and startups. This role encompasses computer professionals who use knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to create software products, develop computer games and run network control systems.

Due to its wide scope of work, salaries in the US are around $145K with compensation of up to 22K. The position as a Software Engineer in Guadalajara receives an annual salary of $43K which is even lower than the national average in Mexico.


How much does a Project Manager earn?

Essentially, the Project Manager is responsible for the success or failure of a project. The typical responsibilities of this position include planning, execution, and closing of projects, coordination of the teams, coordination, and direction of the general expectations of the company.

In the technology industry, a project manager’s salary can range from $51K to $111K in North America, while in Mexico they average $38K nationwide.


What’s the salary for a Technical Support Specialist?

In its functions, it provides assistance and technical support to companies or consumers who experience technical, hardware or software problems.

It could be said that out of the 8 roles described in this publication, the Tech Support Specialist has the lowest salary of the group. In the United States, this role reports income as low as $26K with a maximum of $52K. In Mexico, the story is similar with a national average of 28K.


How much does a System Administrator make?

A System Admin is responsible for executing, maintaining, operating and ensuring the correct operation of a computer system and/or a computer network.

The system administrator’s salary can go from $46K dollars to $96K in U.S. based companies. And the $33K yearly in remote teams in Guadalajara.


What’s the salary for a QA Tester?

The QAs have a professional profile aimed mainly at measuring the quality of the processes used to create a quality product.

Among its functions are the design and integral execution of tests, systematic measurement, comparison with standards, monitoring processes … all aimed at the prevention of errors during the process of product development. 

Their salaries do not exceed the national average of the United States with a range of $38K to $ 79K dollars per year. In Guadalajara, however, their salaries of $39K are a little higher than the national average in Mexico.


How much does a Developer Operations Engineer make?

Finally, a DevOps or DevOps Engineer is an IT professional who works with software developers, system operators (SysOps) and other production IT personnel to monitor code publications. This role requires someone who possesses the skills necessary to overcome traditional barriers between software development teams, testing, and operations.

The organizations that have joined the so-called “DevOps Culture” have very high performance: they deploy up to 30 times more code than their competitors and fail 50% less in their implementations.

Due to their importance, they can receive $155K dollars plus compensation and $91K minimum in the United States. In Mexico, the national average for this role is $44K.


In conclusion, wherever you look, Mexico has more affordable salaries in the three major technology centers: Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City. The difference between the lower end and the upper end of the national salary has a variation of no more than 11% and this is due to the different cost of living. 

If you are evaluating different regions to grow your technical team, download our free eBook that will give you much more information about the advantages and “disadvantages” of each city, as well as a detailed breakdown of the salaries received by each of the roles we have described here in the different regions plus a very well-explained comparison chart of benefits and perks from both Mexico and the United States  .