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Front End Software Engineer

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4-7 años de experiencia


Remote/Guadalajara, México

4-7 años de experiencia


Remote/Guadalajara, México


Our company is hiring a Frontend Engineer to work on the web frontend applications that our customers use to login, setup their IoT devices, manage their fleet, and gain insight into their IoT solution running on our platform. You will build, deploy, test, and monitor a suite of applications that enable product creators to rapidly deploy and scale an IoT solution. You will: Develop web frontend applications Ensure the performance, reliability and security of frontend applications Design the future of the our company's Cloud Work daily with a global team


3+ years of experience developing web-end applications in Javascript React and/or Ember Expertise in Javascript with a firm understanding of its most common runtimes (Browsers, Node.js) Experience with modern frontend tooling like bundlers (webpack), package managers (npm, bower), and testing frameworks (Jest, Mocha) A deep understanding of HTML5 and CSS An understanding of web technologies (HTTP, REST APIs, web servers) Experience with test-driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment A strong understanding of git and the GitHub platform Phenomenal communication skills; both written and verbal Experience working remotely for a U.S.-based company Bonus: Experience designing UIs and working with








Rest API

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