UX/UI Designers They can make things look magical, but work horribly. Alternatively they can also make things work great, but look terrible. To get the best of both worlds, they must be great at both UX and UI.
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What is a UX/UI designer? In its simplest fashion it is a combination of User Experience and User Interface roles. UX/UI designers have two general responsibilities: Firstly, to understand what makes the target customer tick and what they will find delighting when interacting with their brand; Secondly, designing the look and feel of the interphase, as well as the interactivity and responsiveness with the goal of making it as intuitive as possible.
Their job responsibilities and tasks are the following:
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  • Research, Analysis, and Strategy
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Execution and Analytics
  • Design, Branding and Graphics
  • User Interface and Interaction Design
  • Work with Developers to Implement Designs
These are some of the common technologies and skills used in their everyday work:
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Sketch or Illustrator Design software packages to create vector graphics and user interface designs.
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InVision or Marvel Prototyping tools that allow them to simulate how the project will look like when completed. There are other technologies that are simpler.
SurveyMonkey or Typeform: Survey and polling software for user research or customer feedback.
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Optimizely or VWO A/B testing tools to make it easy for designers to iterate on website elements to improve the occurrence of a certain action.
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HTML, CSS and JavaScript These are basic and front-end coding languages that help designers implement their ideas into actual code.
Cost Comparison LATAM vs USA
UX/UI Designer Salary
UX/UI Designer Salary
*Source: CodersLink Internal Catalog, Glassdoor Senior UX/UI Designer Salaries
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