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There are no longer tech companies and non-tech companies; today, every single company is tech dependent or tech enabled.
CodersLink interacts with thousands of talented developers in Latin America. Through extensive interviews with Mexican developers, we’ve gathered revealing data and compiled it into market research designed to help you properly understand the tech hiring landscape in Mexico.
What you’ll discover Quick facts about Mexico’s tech ecosystem The four elements that provide the region significant advantages as a tech hub Mexico developer salaries compared to US developer salaries Mexico developer salary comparison of 8 developer types across 3 different regions The 3 key cities in it's tech industry How employee benefits work in Mexico Why do leading companies like IBM, Oracle and HP have remote teams in Mexico? How to get started with hiring in Mexico
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Developer Type Salary Comparison
In this section, you’ll get deeper insight on how much it costs to hire:
Software Engineers
Tech Support Specialists
Project Managers
UX/UI Designers
DevOps Engineers
Mobile Developers
QA Testers
System Admins

Mexico is booming with an increasing number of leading companies building or moving their tech teams there.
The tech ecosystem is growing and with it the amount of companies paying attention to it. This is an excellent opportunity for companies like yours to take advantage of the same time zone, proximity and hiring cost accessibility.

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