Quickly fill open, hard-to-find, and specialized engineering positions
while eliminating HR traffic jams.
Here is how Rackspace Inc., an American managed cloud computing company, reduced it's time-to-fill challenging job openings while
cutting its recruiting costs by 40% without expanding its internal HR team using CodersLink’s services.
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Project Overview
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Rackspace had been experiencing difficulties in finding qualified talent in Mexico's hiring market. They had more job openings than they could fill with their internal team. They were missing the connection to the local tech ecosystem in Mexico. Also, Rackspace wanted to add speed and quality into their hiring process to fill their positions quickly and repeatedly. They started looking at outside agencies to supplement their already established recruiting team.
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Getting involved
Since Rackspace already had experience managings salaries and benefits overseas, CodersLink provided them access to a large talent pool of hard-to-find software engineers, allowing them to interview and recruit quality candidates in Mexico faster.
The Results
calendar icon illustration Reduced time to fill challenging positions Through CodersLink’s talent pipeline, Rackspace quickly received quality profiles for their positions, identified and interviewed top profiles, and hired the ones they liked. They were able to start delivering on the hiring demand they had without expanding their team internally.
cityflag pipeline purple Access to talent pipeline of 14,000 qualified engineers By partnering with CodersLink, they immediately tap into a large pool of engineers in Mexico to fill their requirements. Through our ongoing partnership, Rackspace can turn their access to this pool on or off, depending on their needs.
Case Study CityFlag savings 40% reduction in recruiting costs By using CodersLink’s talent pool and recruiting resources, Rackspace was able to reduce their time-to-hire and the overall time spent by their internal team reviewing CV’s, interviewing, and making hiring decisions. This, alongside lower hiring costs, helped them save big on recruiting costs.
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FEATURED HIRE OpenStack Engineer Senior Linux Administrator with more than nine years of experience and an OpenStack Administrator with three years of experience. Specializes in Cloud Services, Shell Scripting, Fusion Compute, amongst others.
Rackspace CodersLink featured hire
Rackspace Today
Rackspace is a multinational cloud-computing corporation present in at least nine countries and multiple cities in the United States, with more than 4,852 employees. Their exponential growth has them in the eye of big tech competitors like Amazon. The cloud-computing company it's also using its technology to support education institutes in its strategic shift to digital infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable the best possible future for the students and staff.