Expanding their HR team’s reach to find and hire qualified software engineers
for their remote office under budget
PayStand, a seamless and intuitive business to business payments platform, used CodersLink to increase their talent resources
and expand their tech team into Guadalajara’s remote office, cutting significant recruiting costs.
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Project Overview
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The blockchain-enabled company raised capital in Series B funding to accelerate the expansion of its products and services. When PayStand approached CodersLink, it planned to grow its engineering teams in both their Scotts Valley, California, and Guadalajara, Mexico offices.

PayStand needed a tremendous recruiting source and strategic partner to fill open positions rapidly. It was challenging for them to keep up the pace due to its fast growth rate.
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The Approach
PayStand accessed a vast pool of fully vetted and qualified candidates, thus speeding up the hiring process. Once hired, CodersLink’s flexible solutions dealt with all Mexican laws and tax implications, leasing details, and even running payroll.
The Results
cityflag pipeline purple Access to talent pipeline of 14,000+ qualified engineers By partnering with CodersLink, PayStand immediately tapped into a large pool of engineers in Mexico to fill their requirements. Through our ongoing partnership, PayStand can turn their access to this pool on or off, depending on their needs. Coderslink also offers HR consulting solutions when needed.
Case Study CityFlag savings 40% less HR cost By using CodersLink’s resources to fill job openings, PayStand removed initial hiring costs and the overall time spent by their internal team reviewing CV’s, thus bridging in more engineers with their budget capacity and timeline.
puzzle icon illustration Keep the company’s culture with its nearshore team CodersLink personalized services ensured that PayStand’s candidates met the company’s culture, goals, and values before bringing them to the interview. Thus, enhancing the overall experience for both the candidates and the company.
“When CodersLink brings me quality candidates, we hire them, and they become quality employees... I feel like they would be our partner forever.”
Aliyah Nance VP of people at PayStand
CodersLink featured hire
FEATURED HIREE Full Stack Engineer Full-stack engineer, Jose Manuel brings more than six years of experience in web development experience using top technologies like NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, as well as AWS cloud services. He’s joined the PayStand team to work on blockchain and digital currencies.
CodersLink featured hire
PayStand Today
PayStand payments network has grown 4x and has launched several advances and improvements in its products and services. Having hired creative software developers enhanced PayStand innovative development with remarkable skills that empower merchants to adapt to customer needs instead of their payment processor's limitations.