Leveraging a team of remote developers in Mexico to develop and
scale their products at a lower HR cost.
Parlevel Systems is the top-to-bottom provider of innovative vending technology tools for the food and beverage industries.
Here is how the company used Staff Augmentation to grow and manage a team in Mexico.
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Project Overview
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Parlevel was interested in growing a team in Mexico but had little-to-none hiring pipeline to get started. They were experiencing considerable growth and had already received investment to continue to develop and scale their product. Being budget-conscious, they looked for an all-in-one solution that could help them with sourcing, payroll, and benefits management.
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Getting involved
CodersLink augmented the company's existing development team via remote developers and provided payroll and benefits management through a flexible staff augmentation strategy to grow Parlevel’s team in Mexico.
The results
cityflag pipeline purple Access to a talent pool of 14,000+ qualified remote engineers in Mexico By partnering with CodersLink, Parlevel received only qualified candidates that fit their requirements; they were able to decide which to hire remotely regardless of their location. Through our ongoing partnership, Parlevel can turn their access to this pool on or off, depending on their hiring needs.
hands holding a cv illustration All-in-one HR services Using CodersLink, they were able to run payrolls, benefits and taxes with only one monthly invoice, thus reducing their operational costs.
Case Study CityFlag savings 40% less in Recruiting Costs By using CodersLink’s resources to fill job openings, Parlevel removed initial hiring costs and the overall time spent by their internal team reviewing CV’s, thus bridging in more engineers with their budget capacity and timeline.
We were very impressed with how easy it was to hire developers through CodersLink. They made the whole hiring process very straightforward, helping us not only find the perfect fit for our open position but went above and beyond by holding our hand through the whole process.
Gabriel COO at Parlevel
Some of the positions they currently manage
Their team's proximity to their US HQ has allowed them to fly their developers in for specific meetings and projects.
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Parlevel CodersLink featured hire
FEATURED HIRE Full-Stack Engineer Full-stack software engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He has more than eight years of development experience focused on Linux, Python, Java, MySQL, and PHP.
Parlevel CodersLink featured hire
Parlevel today
Parlevel distinguishes itself by offering an excellent all-in-one solution for food and beverage operators worldwide. Today they are the next generation of cashless readers, allowing operators to maximize machine sales letting operators accept numerous payment options. Their tech team’s skills are critical to providing a robust set of tools for businesses of all sizes worldwide.