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Eduardo ,
Job Role IT Manager Experience 10+ years Skills Angular | MongoDB | Ionic
Jose , Mexico
Job Role Network Administrator Experience +10+ years Skills Azure | Infrastructure | AWS | Networking
Norman Hermosillo, Mexico
Job Role Full Stack Developer Experience 4-7+ years Skills Javascript | NodeJS | React
Hendry Guadalajara, Mexico
Job Role Software Engineer Experience 4-7+ years Skills Java | GO | Rust
Our Vetting Process We screen for expertise, personality, and behavior.
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Live-Screening Interview Phone Call We live-screen our developers and ask them behavioral and technical questions to understand their expertise, drives, and dreams.
English Interview Using video software we have our developers respond to a questionnaire in English for us to evaluate and for you to review alongside their profile upon evaluation.
Professional Reference Checks We talk to at least two professional references that have worked with our developers within the last 2 years to understand their workplace performance.
Technical Interview* *Upon request You probably have in-house technical tests to measure technical proficiency. However, we do have a technical interview software ready to use for further evaluation of our developers if needed!
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Developers are creative; not only did they do what we expected, but they also provided insights and suggestions to make our solution better.
case Studies easy expunctions
Nour COO at Easy Expunctions
When Coderslink brings me quality candidates, we hire them. and they become quality employees. We’ve recently hired two people and have an awesome candidate pool moving forward.
aliyah from Paystand
Aliyah VP of People at Paystand
Their remote engineers are technically proficient and intellectually curious with as much appreciation of our business issues as they are of technical requirements.
willt britfact
Willy CEO of Bitfract
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