Using a recruiting partner to shorten the recruiting time and cost for
established Mexico teams.
One Inc is a digital payment platform; they provide an easier way to process payments for premiums and claims for the insurance industry.
They were looking to expand their newly established software development team in Mexico and tapped into CodersLink
to find FinTech-specialized candidates to join their ranks.
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Project Overview
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As a third-party provider for the insurance industry, handling both inbound and outbound payments, One Inc wanted to find FinTech developers experts to upgrade their services and products quickly.
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Getting involved
CodersLink worked hand-in-hand with One Inc to make sure all candidates met all the technical criteria. Additionally, for a more effortless and quicker process, we offer our flexible remote hiring services to interview and direct-hire candidates available in different locations willing to relocate to their Puerto Vallarta HQs.
The results CodersLink help them build a fully dedicated remote tech team in 8 weeks
pipeline coders red icon Access to a FinTech specialized talent pool By using CodersLink recruitment services, One Inc received only qualified candidates that fit their requirements; they were able to interview them remotely and decide which to hire regardless of their location.
calendar icon illustration Reduce hiring time by 50% with pre vetted candidates By interviewing candidates prevetted by CodersLink, One Inc streamlined its hiring process, reducing by half the time to direct-hire specialized software engineers.
case Study CityFlag savings purple icon 40% less HR cost By using CodersLink’s resources to fill job openings, One Inc removed initial hiring costs and the overall time spent by their internal team reviewing CV’s, thus bridging in more engineers with their budget capacity and timeline.
Their effective response time complemented their efficient interview process for candidates. They're communicative and prom
Dimitry Team Lead at One Inc
Positions they’ve filled and currently manage include:
QA Test Automation Engineers
QA Manual Test Engineers
Full-Stack Developers
Front-End Developers
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FEATURED HIRE QA Manual Test Engineer QA Engineer Jaime, brings more than 6 years of experience in the designing and implementation of both manual and automated testing plans and test strategies. Jaime also holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.
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One Inc today
One Inc is already a strong player in the insurance industry, leading the market in premiums and claims payment processing. Their high-growth still demands continued access to A-players candidates that can bring innovative solutions to keep pushing boundaries.