On-Demand Specialized Talent Access unique knowledge and talent. On-demand. Expand the reach of the company’s hiring resources to identify and hire the specialized talent needed for a team or project. Calculate on-demand specialized talent ROI
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91% of executives believe external talent will be vital to accessing skills in three year's time.
Identifying and hiring specialized talent impacts a company across the board.
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  • HR Managers
    Reduction in cost per hire and time to hire, increase in engagement scores.
  • Operations
    Reduction in total labor and benefits costs, increase in hiring agility.
  • Engineering
    Increase workforce agility and speed to get work done, lower technical debt
  • Executive Suite
    Shorter time-to-market to meet consumers or project demands with lower investment costs.
Featured services Use an outsourcing partner’s sourcing power and pool to recruit candidates for your company. searching for people illustration
Permanent Placement
Find and hire tech talent directly into your team and payroll, whether in LATAM or in the US.
IT Staffing
Source and hire fully dedicated remote developers in LATAM. From a single contractor to a whole team. Access managed payroll, benefits, and performance.
Best for companies who scale on-demand or who’re hiring specific talent
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Marketing agencies
Who are looking to deliver high-value results for their clients tap into on-demand specialized talent to meet project work demands.
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Who’re looking to accelerate their product launches, tackle demand peaks or expand product or service offerings with unique knowledge and technologies.
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Small businesses
Who use specialized talent to support the central HQ’s team to delegate non-essential tasks, while they focus on the core tasks, accelerating their development timelines.
They have been instrumental in our ability to accelerate timelines and cut costs, all the while being responsive and professional in service. I would highly recommend using CodersLink for your IT staffing needs
Rick Rocketdollar testimonial
Rick [Rocket Dollar] CTO
Their ability to find developers and resume flow is impressive.
Gabriel [Parlevel] COO
We hire junior and senior developers from CodersLink that work under our developers. We’ve never gone a single month without a developer from CodersLink.
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Nour [Easy Expunctions] COO
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The right partner can give you the pipeline size and depth to meet your needs.
CodersLink has partnered with over 70 different companies to help them increase their hiring reach to identify and hire specialized talent in record time.

Our pool of over 12,000 pre-vetted candidates has helped companies shorten recruitment processes by 30%, increase their project releases, obtain follow-on funding and clients, as well as save up to $50,000 in labor and benefit costs per hire.

We start by understanding your needs and business objectives and adapting to them.

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