Front-End Developers Front-End Developers bring to life product designs. They are equal parts creative visionaries and coding experts. Bringing to life the user experience and the interaction for the end-user. Their work produces interactive and animated websites and applications that amaze us every day.
What is a Front-End Developer? This is a type of developer that codes the visual elements of an application, software or website. Front-end developers are in charge of creating the presentations - composed of content, layout, and interaction - that the audience and end-users see and touch. They add the magic that brings animations, device responsiveness and visual aesthetics to life.
Their job responsibilities and tasks are the following:
  • Implementation of UX/UI Designs
  • Building User Interfaces, Animations and Responsiveness
  • Modification and Maintenance of Websites and Web Applications
  • SEO Planning and Implementation
  • Website Performance
  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Debugging
Technologies and Skills
HTML and CSS Basic front-end programming languages that help add materials to a website and style them how you want.
AngularJS, React or Vue JavaScript frameworks that help create interactive and fluid experiences and effects in web and mobile interfaces.
LESS and SASS Server-side pre-processing CSS platforms. They extend the capabilities of CSS and make writing style-sheets easier.
Jasmine and Mocha JavaScript testing frameworks. They help test user interface components to make sure they are behaving as the developer wants.
jQuery JavaScript Library that has a collection of plugins and extensions that makes writing JavaScript easier by providing the developer with ready-made elements.
Cost Comparison LATAM vs USA
Front-End Developer Salary
Front-End Developer Salary
*Source: CodersLink Internal Catalog, Glassdoor Senior Front-End Web Developer Salaries
The CodersLink Pool Our talent pool brings experience, diversity and seniority to the table

Our Front-End talent pool consists of more than hundreds of high-quality profiles with an average of 5 years in industry experience in companies like LinkedIn, HP, Oracle and HP.

All of our community members go through behavioral, English and personality tests. We also employ reference checks to ensure they come highly recommended. Finally, we also offer a technical evaluation platform as an optional add-on for your company, in case you’d like to evaluate them with a custom test.