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Eduardo ,
Job Role IT Manager Experience 10+ years Skills Angular | MongoDB | Ionic
Jose , Mexico
Job Role Network Administrator Experience +10+ years Skills Azure | Infrastructure | AWS | Networking
Norman Hermosillo, Mexico
Job Role Full Stack Developer Experience 4-7+ years Skills Javascript | NodeJS | React
Hendry Guadalajara, Mexico
Job Role Software Engineer Experience 4-7+ years Skills Java | GO | Rust
Front-End Developers make up 9% of our Tech Community
Front-End Developers make up 9% of our Tech Community

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Leading Technologies Used by Top Front-End Developers
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HTML and CSS HTML is, of course, the standard markup language used to create web pages, so it’s kind of a basic building block to other front-end frameworks. CSS and HTML are basic Front End programming languages that help add materials to a website and style them how you want.
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AngularJS, React or Vue JavaScript frameworks that help create interactive and fluid experiences and effects in web and mobile interfaces.
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LESS and SASS Server-side pre-processing CSS platforms. They extend the capabilities of CSS and make writing style-sheets easier.
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Jasmine and Mocha JavaScript testing frameworks. They help test user interface components to make sure they are behaving as the developer wants.
jQuery JavaScript Library has a collection of plugins and extensions that makes writing JavaScript easier by providing the developer with ready-made elements.
Cost Comparison - Average Salary LATAM vs USA
Front-End Developer Salary
Front-End Developer Salary
*Source: CodersLink Internal Catalog, Glassdoor Senior Front-End Web Developer Salaries
what are these developers all about
Front-End 101
what are these developers all about

At their core, front-end developers are problem solvers. They are continually improving and enhancing the interphase by turning designs into incredible experiences for customers.

They implement web designs through coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Traces of their work can be found everywhere on a website: the organization of information, navigation bar, menus, and mobile responsiveness are all part of the work of a front-end developer.

Overall responsibilities of front-end developers

As with any role, the responsibilities will depend on the hiring company’s tech roadmap. Their daily tasks and responsibilities have a wide scope, so day-to-day tasks and responsibilities are tailored to your specific company needs.
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  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring UX/UI concepts to life
  • SEO planning and implementation
  • Develop new user-facing features
  • Optimizing designs for mobile responsiveness
  • Optimizing website for speed and reliability
  • Testing site for usability
  • Troubleshooting, debugging and maintenance of websites and web applications
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Emily CEO of HUSL Digital
They’re my go-to for salaries, benefits, or anything that could be asked by our current or future staff.
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Aliyah VP of People Paystand
CodersLink helped us find specialized talent in software development, QA, full-stack technologies, and front-end development.
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Dimitry Team Lead One Inc
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