FTS Model - 24/7/365 Operations Team Tackle issues and requests across different time-zones to meet your business needs. Provide around the clock software development, customer service or sales lead generation with the help of LATAM tech talent. Calculate FTS Model ROI
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60% of companies view remote teams as critical to operating at full capacity, meeting market demands, and important for developing and improving products and services.
Using distributed teams to provide true on-going support and development. Unlock increased customer satisfaction, team diversity, and non-stop performance.
  • HR Managers
    Access to international talent pools to meet time-zone team requirements.
  • Operations
    On-demand scaling or downsizing to meet market demand peaks. True 24/7 customer support. Reduced labor costs on all time-zones.
  • Engineering
    Access to global skills and talent. Non-stop performance in building technology and supporting emergencies.
  • Executive Suite
    Increased product adoption by happy customers. Reduction in product-launch timelines. Reduced risk when unexpected circumstances arise.
Featured services Use an outsourcing partner’s sourcing power and pool to recruit candidates for your company. searching for people illustration
Permanent Placement
Find and hire tech talent directly into your team and payroll, whether in LATAM or in the US.
IT Staffing
Source and hire fully dedicated remote developers in LATAM. From a single contractor to a whole team. Access to managed payroll, benefits, and performance.
Best for companies with established global operations, looking to add more time-zones. large company red icon

Large companies that provide on-going customer support service to global customers, who are looking for options to grow their teams in alternate time-zones at a great value and large companies who work on technology applications, looking to boost their project deliverability rates and shorten launch times at rates that support their growth and ROI goals.
Customers can expect a partner willing to go the extra mile for their clients.
testimonial by Clayton from Netprotect
Clayton [J2 Global] VP of Business Operations
Their remote engineers are technically proficient and intellectually curious with as much appreciation of our business issues as they are of technical requirements.
Willy Bitfract Testimonial
Willy [Bitfract] CEO
They know how to bring the right people and how to talk about our culture, our goals, and our values before introducing us to those candidates.
Aliyah [Paystand] VP of People
Follow the Sun Tech Team
The right outsourcing partner can help your 24/7/365 operation run quicker, smoother, and at a lower cost.
CodersLink has built customer support and development teams for over 70 different companies from startups to large public companies. Our focus on providing talent solutions has allowed our partners to build whole teams in weeks, save them over $40,000 annually per hire and access multi-disciplinary talent.

We base our partnerships on transparency and on-going communication to ensure they’re long-lasting.

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