CodersLink Small Business Support Program The COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting businesses, among those startups and SMBs. Technology plays a key role in today’s growing companies and CodersLink wants to help them continue to innovate during these uncertain times by offering $500,000 in discounts in all tech hires made.
Program Details
Only applies to Startups and SMBs.
$2,000 - $6,200 in annual discounts per hire.
80 job openings or $500,000 in discounts available whichever is hit first.
Weekly educational and informational content on remote team management best practices.
No limit on the amount of hires made by a single qualifying company.
Who’s Eligible?
Must be an SMB with the following characteristics:
$1M USD in funding or $5M USD in revenue
At least 10 full-time employees
Operates in the USA or Mexico.
Submits application for the program
Why are we doing this? We know that starting and growing companies is no easy task, we also know that technology plays a key role in today’s businesses and it’s hard to come by. Through our program, we want to give more companies access to talent to continue innovating and growing their missions.
Application We have a short application. Once complete, you'll hear from un as soon as we're able to process it, which we're committing to that being 2 business days at most. Apply Now