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Tech Companies And Tech-enabled Companies – What Defines You?

Tech Companies And Tech-enabled Companies – What Defines You?

by Carlos A. Vázquez   |   July 12, 2019   |     4 min read

Are you running a tech company or a tech-enabled company? So what’s the difference, and why does it matter?

Ok, so let’s keep it simple, using technology does not automatically turn you into a tech company but using technology to operate your business makes you a tech-enabled company.

Tech is at the core of today’s businesses. Without technology, growth is impossible. Forbes magazine points out:

“Today, no company can make, deliver or market its product efficiently without technology.”

New generations of consumers expect tech-focused services and products; no company can ignore this if they want to exist in the coming years.

Understanding where you stand in the tech world will help focus your efforts. Maybe technology is not what gives you revenue, but you need it to operate, market, or deliver your product.

David Coveney, Director of Liverpool digital agency Interconnect IT, says:

“A true tech company creates new technology. It doesn’t necessarily sell it to other people. It may use technology as part of a product.”

Tech-enabled companies, on the other hand, are tuned in to the technological and industrial trends and apply them to a business model.

The tech-enabled business model uses existing tools, libraries, and frameworks to make a company more efficient and smarter or to provide a new service. Uber, for example, found a way to use GPS technology from the ’60s and combine it with a new platform — mobile computing, to revolutionize transportation worldwide.

Uber isn’t selling technology. Instead, they are offering the service of connecting people that need rides with drivers nearby. Uber and Lyft users are paying to get transported from Point A to Point B. 

So what’s the difference?

Technology businesses derive income directly from the development and sale of technology.

Technology-enabled businesses derive their income from the sales of products and services that utilize technology.

Why Does it Matter?

Whether you own a technology company or a tech-enabled business, you need to keep in mind that people are your most valuable resource. 

You need to hire a team of top software engineers to discover and innovate. If you are not technical or if your core activity isn’t tech, you’ll need to partner up with a talent agency (like CodersLink) that makes sure you are hiring the right staff.

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For example, as a tech company, you’ll most likely be inclined to a team focused more on science, innovation, thinkers, and creators of solutions. The tech roles you’ll most likely look for are:

  • QA Engineers
  • Junior Software Engineers / Senior Software Engineers
  • Back End Engineers / Front End Engineers
  • DevOp Engineers / Infrastructure and Automation Engineers
  • Systems Analyst Engineers
  • Solution Architects / Data Architects
  • Technical Leaders
  • Scrum Masters / Project Leaders

On the other hand, for tech-enabled companies, your team must be aware of the technological and industrial trends and be able to apply them internally to improve efficiency and productivity. The job roles you’ll most likely look for are:

  • System Managers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Systems Consultants
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Infrastructure, Network and Telecommunications Engineers

How do I hire developers?

So, there is a demand for high-quality engineers, as every company depends on tech. Yet, finding and hiring experienced and knowledgeable engineers has become a hassle. 

“Software developers are now more valuable to companies than money.”

We’ve seen companies struggling to create or expand their development teams when this has nothing to do with their core product offerings or services. 

61% of C-suite executives believe access to developer talent is a threat to the success of their business.

Startups and big-name companies, all see their tech teams as a fundamental element in their organization. Successful companies, however, also understand the tech-hiring landscape, including developer hiring options, trending and new programming languages, developer salaries, and developer benefits; this is why we put together a Tech Salaries In Mexico Report

This report by CodersLink also shows that Mexico is not unfamiliar with tech companies in the likes of Amazon, IBM, Facebook, which have drawn a promising tech ecosystem for businesses looking for talent south of the border. You can access the full data in this Tech Salaries In Mexico Report 2019 here.

Building your tech team is a race against time, we already know that developers are at the core of every business because even though some may think that computers are the future…tech doesn’t create results — people do. 

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