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Remote Work, Outsourcing, & Mexico’s IT Boom: A Review of 2018

Remote Work, Outsourcing, & Mexico’s IT Boom: A Review of 2018

by CodersLink   |   January 1, 2019   |     3 min read

Here at CodersLink, we work in an industry that is moving and changing at a phenomenal pace. The nature of the work, the languages used to create the work, the creativity in the field make for an exciting industry bursting with possibilities. Part of our mission here is to connect growing U.S companies with experienced and vetted developers south of the border. This means we’re on the frontlines working with developers and company managers as they navigate the changing landscape of hiring, outsourcing, and the developer universe. We thought we’d take a tour of 2018 and take a look at some of the things we’ve explored here on our blog.

Changing Languages

About this time last year, we were exploring some new technologies to watch out for. A year ago some of the most popular programming languages included Rust, Smalltalk, TypeScript, Swift, and Go. These were languages that are loved by programmers but might not have the highest demand. The most in-demand languages at the end of the last year based on data from job boards were Java, Python, JavaScript, and C++. Today, these languages remain on the top of the list, although the order has been slightly altered. According to various sites, the programming languages that are coming up for 2019 include Python, Java, and JavaScript. It seems Python has moved up in rank.

Learning from Giants

Companies are often skeptical of the benefits of outsourcing tech roles but the truth is that many companies today—including today’s leading giants—have used outsourcing because of its cost-effectiveness and array of other benefits. Some of these giants, of course, include Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The IT Boom in Mexico

As a hiring partner, we are deeply entrenched in Mexico’s tech community that has now gained world notoriety. Cities like Monterrey and Jalisco have seen a blossoming of young, energetic, and creative developing talent coming out of the most prestigious educational institutions of the country. We have built relationships with many of these eager developers and have found them homes working for growing U.S companies looking for specialized talent to bring a diversity of thought to their workforce.  The talent coming out of Latin America has several benefits for U.S companies including the fact that many developers exceed in languages like Python and have expertise in mobile development.  In addition to their technical excellence, outsourcing talent from places like Mexico has added cost-effectiveness, cultural connections, geographical proximity, and versatile workers.

Looking Ahead to 2019

As we bring in the New Year, we are looking forward to continuing our mission to helping mutually beneficial relationships form between thriving U.S companies in need of IT talent and developers eager for opportunities to use their skills, knowledge, and coding chops. We look forward to learning and growing with this exciting industry in 2019 and many years to come! Cheers!

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