Looking for Developers? 3 Hiring Methods to Scale Your Tech Team with Coderslink

Looking for Developers? 3 Hiring Methods to Scale Your Tech Team with Coderslink

by Carlos A. Vázquez   |   December 18, 2019   |     7 min read

Think of this blog as our services menu. When you consider us as your outsourcing partner to hire developers and tech team members, you don’t get an off-the-shelf product; we custom-design a solution for your business based on our services from the list below. Every company we partner with has a specially tailored agreement with us to make sure they get what they need to expand their tech team.

Remote Developers

Remote developers are those that work from a different location than your HQ — examples of this range from home office to dedicated developers in another country like Mexico. 

When hiring developers with CodersLink, you get to choose how you interact with your fully dedicated developers, even if it is a single developer or a whole team.

With this service, it is easier than ever to scale your tech team nearshore. With this service you get:

  • Access to a more extensive and trusted pool of talent
    • Our developer’s community specializes in over 30 different capabilities in software engineering and other tech roles. We carefully qualify and vet every one of them before they apply to your job opening.
  • Grow from small to an enterprise
    • Hire a single remote developer to begin with, and as your business grows, we will scale your team on-demand.
  • Put HR and payroll on autopilot
    • Easier than paying your utility bills. CodersLink handles all the management from salary and benefits to performance reviews. You’ll only receive a single invoice every month, and we take care of the rest.
  • Fully integrated developers
    • When you hire developers through CodersLink, you are hiring full-time developers for your company, meaning that they work directly with your team to accomplish your objectives.

Remote Developers With Office Space

As you continue to grow your remote team, you might be interested in having them all work under a single location; this is where our office space services come in. You can choose this service to build a satellite office in the fastest-growing tech hubs in Mexico. Learn more about the benefits and salary comparison of the three main tech cities in Mexico with our latest research, Tech Salaries In Mexico Report. 

With this service, your business can scale a complete tech team in a nearshore fashion. This service not only allows companies to access a bigger talent pool, but it also reduces office and team operating costs, given the affordability in Mexico compared to other countries. 

CodersLink will help with the following:

  • Find the best private or shared office spaces for you
    • Coworking spaces are an excellent option for your team to work in the middle of the growing tech-scene in Mexico, CodersLink looks for the best options available for a medium or long term rental. We also care for the comfort of your employees as we only consider high-standard spaces that also comply with all legal obligations in respect of health and safety laws. The process of looking for office space can be overwhelming, but our team specialists will make it easy guiding you to make the best choice. 
  • Manage your office space
    • CodersLink will ensure you don’t have to deal with any laws or tax implications, leasing contracts, or utility bills headaches. Also, our team takes care of outfitting your office space at special rates from our partners. You only receive and review a monthly invoice. 
  • Hire developers for your new office
    • No matter how small or large you want your new team to be, you’ll get access to a trusted talent pool of pre-vetted and qualified developers. You’ll meet and evaluate each of them to make sure they all meet your requirements before they join your team. Once they’re hired, we’ll distribute their salary and take care of all comprehensive benefits for your developers and quarterly performance reviews. Their payroll will be included in your monthly invoice.

Permanent Developers

Our permanent service is very similar to that of a headhunter. You give us a role you want to fill, we find the best person for you, you interview them, and if you’re pleased, you hire them. Simple as that. 

We know that in today’s hiring market, finding qualified specialized developers is like finding a needle in a haystack. We find that needle for you. In LATAM. 

With CodersLink, companies in the USA now can hire specialized LATAM developers and relocate them to work right beside their inhouse team – in the USA or in Mexico if they have offices – without worrying about immigration, visas, or relocation issues.  

CodersLink services for Permanent Developers include:

  • Vetting and proposing candidates to be hired
    • Great talent lives everywhere. Still, we know that businesses invest a significant amount of time, money, and other resources finding candidates. Look no further; we’ve built and nourished a community of talented developers that we’ll match with your hiring expectations.
  • Visa, Immigration, and Relocation
    • Hiring a foreign developer through CodersLink won’t add an extra load of work to your hiring managers because we do all the paperwork and guide the candidate along the way to successfully obtain a working visa. We also coordinate with you to build a relocation package and help your new employee to adapt to the new lifestyle. 
  • Right beside you. In two weeks
    • Forget about long hiring processes, we’ll boost the process so once you decide for the candidate you want to hire, they relocate and fully integrate into your team within two weeks. 

Hiring talent from all over the world should be as natural as hiring local talent. We know it’s not that simple, which is why we offer these three different methods that have helped companies propel their tech teams and scale their companies. 

  1. Hire Remote Developers
  2. Hire Remote Developers with Office Space
  3. Hire In-house Permanent Developers

You only need to worry about what method to choose:

Remote DevelopersRemote + Office SpaceIn-house Developers
Personalized ServicePersonalized ServicePersonalized Service
Employee ManagementEmployee Management
Immigration and Relocation Service
Employee Compensations and BenefitsEmployee Compensations and Benefits
Office Space Management
Dedicated World-Class DevelopersDedicated World-Class DevelopersDedicated World-Class Developers
One-time hiring feeOne-time hiring feeOne-time hiring fee

As you might’ve noticed above, we use three main ingredients to make every service level successful:

  1. Personalized Service
    1. From day one, you get a dedicated account manager that will listen to understand your hiring needs, solve all questions you may have, and guide you if you haven’t decided the road you want to take. Once you choose to hire your developers through CoderLink, we’ll provide you with 100% personalized profile matches, ensuring that they meet your expectations.
  2. Dedicated World-Class Developers
    1. Every candidate you meet has been pre-qualified and pre-vetted with USA standards. What’s more, every developer you receive for review will already be screened for the specific tech skills you requested. This means that you’ll be tapping into a quality and trusted pipeline of talent that will integrate seamlessly into the company.
  3. Price
    1. Hiring agencies typically have a bunch of different fees that make it hard to understand what you are paying for, that isn’t the case with CodersLink. We simplify the hiring process but also the billing. You only pay a one-time hiring fee, and then you only receive a single monthly invoice with the charges of operating your remote teams (payroll, benefits, office rent, and other expenses). Your account manager will discuss the fee you’ll be paying according to your hiring needs. 

And that’s all! The only thing left is to contact us to schedule a call to hire your first developer.

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