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How Managing Remote Teams Can Enhance Your Company

How Managing Remote Teams Can Enhance Your Company

by CodersLink   |   July 1, 2018   |     4 min read

It is estimated that there are approximately 20 million developers working around the world. The jobs available in this field are growing every year, due to the fact that technology has embedded itself into everything we do. The world we interact with— social media, phone applications, online platforms— they don’t just appear out of thin air.  

That world, like our roads and infrastructure, must be built, and the people constructing so much of this are software developers. The nature of these jobs allow companies a tremendous amount of freedom and have completely changed the dynamic of how modern companies work and hire new talent.

Let’s recap some of the main benefits of using outsourcing and remote hiring as a new business strategy.

A recent US News and World Report outlined in Money magazine, named software developers as the “best job” of 2018. They are not the only ones to recognize the growing importance of this role in the job market and movement of many companies. In 2017, CNN Money also recognized the software developer as one of the “best jobs in America.”

It’s not just Google and Facebook that require developer talent, but almost every company today will have a need—in some capacity or other— for software development or coding. As outlined in the article, the Bureau of Labor Statistics the projected employment for the role will grow by 24%.

Why Having A Remote Team of Developers is Beneficial

The concept of remote work is not new, but in recent years companies have seen it improve their businesses in a variety of ways. Front end and back end developers are essential for companies to function in the tech world.  Aside from saving your company costs of bringing in employees in house, when companies look for a remote team to work on a project they uncover several other benefits:

  • It facilitates hiring people on a project by project basis or contractual basis. This offers companies (and remote developers) great freedom when it comes to their work. This is a great foundation for great partnerships.
  • Hiring someone remotely for a project allows you to see how they work and whether they are a good fit for the long term or other similar projects.  
  • The tech industry is burgeoning all around the world and talented developers are emerging from —what often seem like— the most unexpected places. Hiring remotely allows you to tap into this talent and find someone who possesses the specific skill set for your company.
  • Having a diverse workforce adds certain levels of creativity and new perspectives. When it comes to developing apps and software, having a remote team comprised of people from different cultures and backgrounds provides creative insight and new ideas. A chief technology officer for a major company discusses how having remote developers from different regions actually enhanced the product they were working on thanks to their varying local insights.

Change Your Company to Fit the 21st Century

There is plenty of talk about how jobs are disappearing and soon be fully automated. The jobs are not all disappearing, they are merely shifting into the digital world. Today the demand for software developers in the U.S can hardly keep up with the number of developers in the country. This, and the international demands of the market is why looking to other countries has become a great resource for companies looking to hire well trained and highly skilled developers.

Where Do You Begin?

So you’re looking to do some outsourcing but are not sure where to start. Maybe you need a front end developer for your next project. How do you decide where to look or how to find the best candidates?  You have a few options:

  • Job board: Posting on an online job board might get you plenty of unfiltered responses. These are difficult however to sort out and often bombard your company with applications.
  • Hiring Partner: they are a great resource to help companies conduct a more refined search. They have their own vetting and verification process that weeds out unqualified candidates.  Other advantages include assistance with hiring overseas workers.

Dive Into the New Way to Expand Your Business

Whether you are a small start-up company or a big corporation, chances are you will need developers in some capacity. The profession is attracting creative people of all backgrounds and your access to this ever-expanding talent pool has never been simpler.

In what other ways can managing remote teams enhance your business?

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