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Handling Bonuses & Salaries For Remote Employees

Handling Bonuses & Salaries For Remote Employees

by Maria Gomez   |   May 1, 2018   |     3 min read

Because of the changing trends and needs of today’s technologically-based workforce, the amount of people working exclusively from home is rapidly increasing. This has opened many doors of possibilities to companies, but it has also presented other challenges. A remote developer, for example, is highly dependent on their motivation and discipline to maintain work productivity and focus. Companies that hire them have a corresponding responsibility to help these remote team members stay on course, remain productive, and continue enhancing your company’s goals. One way to maximize remote developers is to have a structured system of incentive and reward.

Remote work can be a solitary venture. Remote developers are often working long days from their home office, without much person-to-person interaction. While communication is important for helping them feel part of the team, it takes much more than communication to keep an employee motivated long-term. Ensuring their just pay and bonuses will maintain employee morale and show recognition and that they are, in fact, a necessary part of the company’s operation. We discussed last week the benefits of hiring partners when it comes to remote developers.

Using the right hiring partner is a good way to incentivize remote employees.

How Does It Benefit My Company?

As a manager of a company, having someone handling bonuses and salary raises provides an invaluable service. At CodersLink, we not only hire bonuses and salary raises, but we provide employers the opportunity to assess how the employee is working for them. Every quarter, when it comes time to assess performance, it is a great opportunity for employers to articulate feedback and communicate with their employees. We also offer certifications for our developers that expand their knowledge and expertise.

How To Handle Bonuses

So once you’ve hired a remote developer and they are working diligently and showing signs of progress and adapting to your company and culture, it will be a smart strategy to reward their work accordingly. Hiring partners, like CodersLink, have a structured system of recognition in place. These systems encourage employees to perform and continue to work.

As your hiring partner, CodersLink takes care of a lot of the initial transactions during the hiring process, but we also help maintain the working relationship by assisting with the disbursement of bonuses. For example, every quarter, we ask employers to rate their new hire. We then base the percentage of the bonus based on their rating. For example, if the scale is from 1-10 and the employer rates the remote developer an 8, that is an 80% bonus. The bonus is included in an initial service fee so your company doesn’t have to worry about it afterward.

How to Handle Salary Raises

Salary raises are equally important in maintaining trust, confidence, and a mutual work relationship. Every year CodersLink encourages companies to review their remote employees and communicate with them. It is common knowledge that rewarding the hard work of your employees means you are more likely to retain good workers and keep them producing better work. If a remote developer is producing good work for your company, their services become more and more valuable as they become embedded in your company culture.

Expand Your Company With Strong Work Relationships

Keeping your employees feeling appreciated goes a long way. Bonuses and salary raises are great ways to keep remote developers productive and creative in their jobs. Through a hiring partner like CodersLink, you are not only hiring from a trusted pool of remote employees but you are also getting added services that encourage a long-term work relationship with that employee.

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