Find the Right Hiring Partner for Remote Employees

Find the Right Hiring Partner for Remote Employees

by CodersLink   |   April 1, 2018   |     4 min read
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Let’s face it, developers are the architects of the systems we interact with every day. Every company needs them. So maybe your company needs somebody to develop an application or is searching for just the right person to build new software. The IT workplace today has revolutionized the way people work and enhanced the possibilities for companies to reach and utilize new talent. The question lies in how to find the best employees. Hiring partners serve a very special role in today’s IT workplace, as they build relationships with developer communities and help companies find vetted, well-trained, and professional workers that help companies thrive.

What is a Hiring Partner?

In a nutshell, the name encapsulates its main functions, as they specialize in connecting companies with viable candidates to hire. At close range, however, a good hiring partner will go beyond that and facilitate other parts of the hiring process to make it more convenient, effective, and productive for the companies. A well-established hiring partner will serve three main functions:

  • Source
  • Hire
  • Manage


Some estimates say that there are around 18 million software developers (of one type or another) around the world. With today’s remote work possibilities, this means, in theory, a company could potentially have access to this enormous pool of up-and-coming talent. Hiring partners to take on the seemingly impossible task of finding pockets of talented, qualified, and specialized developers so that hiring them doesn’t seem like a shot in the dark.

A good hiring partner develops relationships with communities of developers and learns their particular strengths and specializations. This means they got people on the ground researching, interviewing, and learning about particular developers. In Latin America today, particularly Mexico, there is a burgeoning IT sector. Mexico is training versatile and creative developers, many of them full-stack developers and with varying degrees of specialization.


Another main function of hiring partners is taking part in the actual hiring process. Companies are still in charge of the interviewing and selection process, but a hiring partner will connect companies with qualified candidates based on their specified criteria. The process looks a little like this:

  1. A company presents a request or a profile of their ideal candidate and the qualities, characteristics, specializations the position they are filling demands.
  2. The hiring partner goes to their network and databases and begins searching for options from their list of candidates already vetted and verified.
  3. Hiring partner presents options to the company, who will run their own interview process or selection process.


Once the company has made their selection, the hiring partner facilitates and coordinates other parts of the process as well. When connecting remote developers— especially when they are international—a hiring partner will provide some management services that handle practical matters in relation to new hires.

In addition, other services can involve coordinating and managing paperwork, salary raises, bonuses and performance.  Companies like CodersLink will also manage benefits for developers, placed candidate training, paid travel to meet, and more. This helps companies incentivize quality employees and retain the top talent that is needed to make their business thrive.

Other Benefits of a Hiring Partner

A good hiring partner will also provide other services and conveniences to companies like:

  • Help iron out any communication problems or issues that may arise with a candidate
  • Replace a developer/asset if it ends up not being the right fit. If this happens, the switch is swift and quick, as hiring partners have a backlog of candidates for each opening ready to go.  

Find the Right Fit For Your Company

A good hiring partner has well-structured systems in place to source the best candidates. At the same time, they understand how best to keep remote developers productive, creative, and happy. CodersLink specializes in connecting with developers in different specializations and with a varying experience that can take your company to the next level.

What other services would you like to see a hiring partner perform for your company? Let us know below.

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