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CodersLink as an alternative to Toptal

CodersLink as an alternative to Toptal

by Cody Kimmel   |   December 7, 2021   |     5 min read
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Who do you turn to for outsourcing tech talent affordably and reliably?

As the demand for qualified IT professionals grows, so does the need for outsourcing services. Given the barriers of time, language, and distance, outsourcing tech jobs can be very difficult, expensive, and time consuming. 

If you’ve already been searching for a partner to help you meet your outsourcing needs, you may have found Toptal. In this article, we will explore how CodersLink is a better alternative to Toptal when it comes to hiring, sourcing and managing tech talent.

CodersLink is the best partner for navigating the complexities of outsourcing in Latin America. We are focused primarily on Mexico (which has many advantages for American companies) and we provide better outsourcing costs. We also identify and handle the risks of outsourcing tech positions and use a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model for better long term relationships that allows the client to take complete control.

Keep reading if you would like to learn why CodersLink is the best choice for outsourcing tech teams.

Mexico and Latin American focus

Compared to our competitor, Toptal, which sources globally, CodersLink has a strong focus on Mexico. 

Historically, companies looking for outsourcing services have looked toward India, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Now, more companies are looking for competitive pricing, reliable quality, cultural similarities, geographical proximity, consistency in deliverables, and ease of integration with internal teams.

Mexico is the natural choice for American companies outsourcing tech talent for many reasons. Mexico spans three U.S. time zones, provides talented software developers at a fraction of their U.S. counterparts, and has been focused on educating and bringing a massive tech labor force up to speed with the most up to date software languages. 

CodersLink has been dedicated to making lasting connections with local communities and have invested the time to forge better relationships with local developers than our competitors.

Most importantly, we have the highest expertise in local laws and regulations and are well prepared to handle the known hurdles of outsourcing so that you can seamlessly integrate our tech talent into your team. 

More than a staffing company

While Toptal is strictly a staffing service, Coderslink can both outsource teams and provide remote staffing services and direct placements. 

The difference between IT outsourcing versus staffing is something to take into account when choosing who to work with. 

At CodersLink, we help you hire top tech talent and software developers on-demand, navigate local laws, regulations, and language barriers, and empower your existing recruiting efforts to build a team that is right for you.

With a staffing service like Toptal, you’ll likely need to take a much more hands-on approach with the hiring, on-boarding, and development of your tech team. With Coderslink, we allow you to be as hands-off as you’d like, trusting us to amplify your efforts or even build a complete remote team from scratch.

Our services, on average, require 30% less time-to-hire and give you two times the savings in labor costs. Compared to our leading competitor, Toptal, our rates are more affordable in addition to our more comprehensive service. 

The best partner for handling risks

CodersLink has been working to develop lasting relationships and cultural roots in Latin American countries allowing problems that arise to be less challenging. We have the depth of expertise into local laws and culture, making mitigating known and unknown risks less difficult. 

We aim to be completely transparent from pricing and costs to candidate selection. We provide best-in-class benefits and salaries for candidates which helps to increase retention and reduce turnover. 

Best of all, we offer a candidate support team and dedicated executives throughout the recruiting process for team management, maintenance and follow up. This naturally leads to ease of integration and lasting relationships with your outsourced team. 

Using Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model to build teams

CodersLink uses the build-operate-transfer model, which is “a collaboration with an IT outsourcing partner, commonly a native provider in the region where the company seeks to grow its workforce or presence. The outsourcing partner sets up everything necessary to build the new offshore or nearshore team, bringing it fully operational and then transferring it to the client company.”

CodersLink helps to create teams through the BOT model so that companies can still legally operate in Mexico. Because of recent shifts in Mexican regulations, establishing an Employer of Record (EOR) has been almost completely eliminated. With the new changes to the law, foreign clients must now have a local partner to establish a legal entity.

CodersLink creates a loophole in the new laws and regulations by being an established legal entity both domestically and in the U.S. 

The BOT model is specifically designed to help a company build a team in a location they may not be familiar with and seamlessly navigate the process from establishing the core team to ultimately transferring the reins.

BOT teams eliminate the risk of outsourcing a whole team by allowing you to tap into our recruiting and HR management strengths. 

Whereas our competitor, Toptal, only helps with hiring, we have the capacity to build out complete teams, oversee operations until specific indicators are met, and transfer all management to the company. This makes CodersLink the natural choice for a partner focused on growth and longevity.

As Forbes puts it, “It is worth mentioning that your offshore success is determined by a trusted service provider, which should be an active player in the IT market that works peculiarly with operational management in tech.”

We believe we are that trusted provider. 

CodersLink is the best choice for outsourcing tech talent in Latin America

As more companies are seeking alliances closer to home, Latin America is leading the world in educating and supplying a vast pool of talented IT professionals that can reliably meet industry standards at competitive wages. 

If you’re a company looking to grow a tech team or looking to quickly augment internal teams with long term support, CodersLink can be your trusted source. 

For companies looking to outsource to a tech hub like Mexico, CodersLink is the natural choice because of our focus and dedication on building lasting relationships with experts in the industry, our expertise in local laws and regulations, our proven experience in building complete teams from scratch using the BOT model, and our unbeatable pricing options.

Reach out today if you are ready to have a proven partner to help meet your outsourcing needs.

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